Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today I'm gonna talk about CD42, my 1st year class during my years in the One Academy. On May 2004, we came in for our very first class which is the design class....we were all strangers at first, including with the seniors who happened to be in our class as well.For was a little difficult to know each other , but then later in that class when we introduce ourselves to each other, knowing our characters , laughing and stuff like that.... we got closer. Somehow I felt that this was the greatest class I could ever be in because all of us are really unique in our own way.

Later, 3 more came in to join the of them later became our Batch 45 President, one of them left after 1st year.We've embark in an incredible journey of our lives during the first year... going through the figure studies, communication skills, design class(Especially Design 2 in our 2nd term because we had a real kick ass lecturer , although she likes to draw tomb stones on our designs), then the drama class and etc. We had great lecturers which we make friends with, without them... most of us won't be able to make it to the end.

Later in our 1st year, you went in our different ways in a different course.... but we still meet each other in some certain class. Through out the whole 3 years, Even though most of us are known for our great last minute works....we've achieved so many things in our lives and brought out something new compared to any other batch. Now, some of us have graduated and working, some are still studying back in the college or went for further studies in other countries. But never forget that we're still known as CD42.(Hopefully there's a gathering =D).

The class of CD42 includes:

Darren, Bard, Yvonne, Me(Johnny), Cong, Jason, Sarah, Jan Faye, Michael, Wei Joo, Rizal, Albert, Caleb, Politeia, Wei Ni, Phoebe, Amy, Kaze, Megat, Azrin, Nick,Hon Gene, Ted Loong, Kuan Win, Kai Hung, Eugene, Jonz, Erin, Mei Mun, Kenny, Patricia, Edwina, Melissa, Joanne, Elaine, Wen Yi, Kid Chan, Pui yee and there are some of the rest I kinda forgot (sorry ar-_-).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tour de Japon - Theme of Love (愛のテーマ, Final Fantasy IV)

My favourite music that I like to hear is always musical orchestra, mostly the original soundtracks from Final Fantasy series. WHy? Because Nobuo Uematsu is a genius in composing music in the game. He makes the game alive with his musics. So here's a video from one of him composed music, Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV. Enjoy