Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet My Dog

Bored, so I'm gonna intro u guys to..... my dog. His name is Nicky, yes...Nicky. The previous owner thought it would be cute to name a male dog that, plus...he is too dumb to know it. Just look at him! He doesn't even care if his name is a girl's name!

My dog by this year will be 15 year's old. For a dog's age...that's pretty old actually, very old. He is a hybrid mix of Pumeranian and spitz.... although I'm a lil clueless as to why some of the color feature on his head is the same as the German Shepard....then again, German Shepard and a pumeranian mating.....that's just ridiculously funny >D.

*Ermm....yeah, my sis have to shave the hair on his body because it's spreading fur all over the place, although I do not know why the head and the tail was spared from the shaver.This was few months back, I'll laugh at him whenever he looks like that...and he just smile at u not knowing that I'm teasing him! That's so great! >D*
We had him when I was 10 years old, before then he was under the ownership of my uncle who lives at the same role as us. Because since they bought him and his sister name Rustin, they keep the sister (oh, the sister is a pure breed looking in the smaller size) and we keep the brother. At first it was hard for him to adept,...then he gotten used to the sofa and mark alot of territory enough to make our home his. The real master/owner is my eldest sister, and my dog loves her very much. Me? I'm just the bully >D.

Here he is staring at me with his christmas present, the helpless giraffe soft toy.

He likes the attention and be the center of everyone, while he do silly things like throwing his dolls here and there. When he wants to 'manjaing' he'll walk to your leg and place his head there and demand that u scratch his head. And when u do, he'll drop on his back and demand that u proceed to the belly -___-. My sister has pampered him for too long.

The ever faithful watchdog who has developed the ability to guard the house and sleep at the same time, pro...

The thing about my dog is that, for a guy...he likes to act tough, but he is not. When it comes to cats...he make sures that he is 2 feet away from it and bark at it showing how 'tough' he really is, and the cat just sleeps infront of him while he is doing it.

There was one time that he saw a huge cat at the vet and he bark at it relentlessly..... and he suddenly started peeing! And walk off to my sister.... goodness -___-

Trying to use his most powerful weapon againts my mom to get whatever food that he wants, the stare....
His favourite time would be to join us at the dinner, not eating his meal....but sit beside one of us and do the cute stare at you and watch you eat. When he was younger, he could stand up and hold on to the table and look at us eat!That's Too much! But now he is old and he can't do that anymore...but his stare still haven't lost it's touch -___-.

Since now he is very old, he can't walk outside at a long distance so we put him on a baby cradle....and guess what....he likes it. (pic above)
So yea, that's all about my dog...oh, incase you're wondering why he is missing one ear... it's because he lost in a fight with another dog over a female dog name....Ehehehhe, this is gonna be funny. The female dog's name they were fighting for is teruk weh! A female dog name Pooky! it's a Spitz... but I guess that's why he likes her, funny though...they didn't get to mate. But when his ear came off from that fight, he was smiling as always...still saying " yea yea, I'm tough!" ahahaha....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Painful Off Day....

Argh.....painful day for me today ( 15 May 2009)

I was at Sunway at my old college to meet up with a friend, as I was gonna go back....some idiot cut me to my lane suddenly when I'm about to reach the junction to turn. I kinda leave a lot of spaces from the car infront of me. At first I was thinking about U turning, but I saw the no U turn sign so I didn't but planned to turn to one of the areas and find a U turn out. Just as I look to the front...another new car ( Gen-2 Purple) was already infront of me at the junction! WTF!! I break but the momentum of 35km per hour can't stop in time, so I had to turn my car away. I manage to turn alot but end up scratching his back left side bumper with my front left side bumper. So we moved to the side and try to discuss things. The dude was a male african and he looks guilty. But I still insist on reporting, he ran off to reload his phone to call his insurans....I too called my insurans, I snap a pic of his plate number, his road tax and the exact place the accident occured.

We agreed to report to the police station, but he ask me to go to Section 8 PJ Police station to make the report, I was like " huh?? What for I drive all the way there? I might as well report to the nearest police station! So he agree to follow me, I escort him to the ss17 Police station...but half way there...I lost him! He ran off for real at the round a bout . What the hell....coward, but I still continue to report. The station asked me to report to USJ 8 station pulak because it's nearer..... huh!?? Buggers! So I have to waste more petrol and drive there . I reached there and filled the form and have to wait for about 30mins for my turn to make my report. As I got my turn, I went up...but where's the sargeant?? He's not of the police officers told me that he went to investigate an accident scene.....Arghh! What the hell! On that day I'm packed with a lot of to do things to do! So I have to wait for that asshole to come. My insurans agent came to help, but I guess still doesn't make a difference. When the sargeant come and I made my report to him, I'm still at fault no matter what because I still hit his car from behind....fucking rules. If that man hasn't made a report...he will get saman by the police, and I have to pay for my own damage.

But my dad told me since it's only a few scratches and paint stains,...he can still polish it off and get a spray to cover it up....because it's only at my bumper. Arghh....I'm like what ever la because I have to rush off for demo practice for the Taylor's MCT event performance. Long story to tell, sorry.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A new blog

I've created 2 new blogs , this blogs will only be about Games and my hobby and maybe some few comics(if I'm free)

For Warhammer 40 000 it's at :
And for Games it's at :

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I got kicked out.

Yes, I got kicked out....from my dreamland.

I came back around 1.30am from playing pool and yum cha with my friends, so around 2am I put myself to sleep. I struggle to focus my body and mind to enter in to a deep sleep and begin my journey back to my dreamworld which I can't remember much.

The moment I was about to enter, I have this vivid image and a slight sound that there's like a buzzing sound and a loud thunderclap (it's raining at that time) and a sign pops up and tells me this " Please Come back later " ... the next thing I know, my eyes open....i tried to go back to sleep but it won't work. Fuck.

I have to sleep, I have to wake up early to go to church because I'm on duty in the worship team.

Arrghh..screw it, gonna play World of Warcraft till my body begs me to sleep.

Unbelievable =_____="