Friday, May 15, 2009

Painful Off Day....

Argh.....painful day for me today ( 15 May 2009)

I was at Sunway at my old college to meet up with a friend, as I was gonna go back....some idiot cut me to my lane suddenly when I'm about to reach the junction to turn. I kinda leave a lot of spaces from the car infront of me. At first I was thinking about U turning, but I saw the no U turn sign so I didn't but planned to turn to one of the areas and find a U turn out. Just as I look to the front...another new car ( Gen-2 Purple) was already infront of me at the junction! WTF!! I break but the momentum of 35km per hour can't stop in time, so I had to turn my car away. I manage to turn alot but end up scratching his back left side bumper with my front left side bumper. So we moved to the side and try to discuss things. The dude was a male african and he looks guilty. But I still insist on reporting, he ran off to reload his phone to call his insurans....I too called my insurans, I snap a pic of his plate number, his road tax and the exact place the accident occured.

We agreed to report to the police station, but he ask me to go to Section 8 PJ Police station to make the report, I was like " huh?? What for I drive all the way there? I might as well report to the nearest police station! So he agree to follow me, I escort him to the ss17 Police station...but half way there...I lost him! He ran off for real at the round a bout . What the hell....coward, but I still continue to report. The station asked me to report to USJ 8 station pulak because it's nearer..... huh!?? Buggers! So I have to waste more petrol and drive there . I reached there and filled the form and have to wait for about 30mins for my turn to make my report. As I got my turn, I went up...but where's the sargeant?? He's not of the police officers told me that he went to investigate an accident scene.....Arghh! What the hell! On that day I'm packed with a lot of to do things to do! So I have to wait for that asshole to come. My insurans agent came to help, but I guess still doesn't make a difference. When the sargeant come and I made my report to him, I'm still at fault no matter what because I still hit his car from behind....fucking rules. If that man hasn't made a report...he will get saman by the police, and I have to pay for my own damage.

But my dad told me since it's only a few scratches and paint stains,...he can still polish it off and get a spray to cover it up....because it's only at my bumper. Arghh....I'm like what ever la because I have to rush off for demo practice for the Taylor's MCT event performance. Long story to tell, sorry.


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