Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the Youth Christmas miss match.

On December 21st 2007, Glad Tidings youth alpha group organized a Christmas cell at Church and the theme was 'Miss Match' . So basically, we're suppose to wear something miss matching. So , I didn't wear much of a miss matching clothing... Ahaha. The event was good, alot of food, not many people ate my fried rice but it was okay and I got a Cadbury hazel nut chocolate for an exchange present. It was really a great time we had.

Me and regine

Again...but this time, Calvin is in.

Lionel , Me and Regine

Friday, December 21, 2007

"Why Always Me.."

Sometimes I wonder , "Why always Me".... in any situation , "Why always me". This can happen to the good things that has happened in my life and also the bad things as well. At first I thought that I should watch what I ask for or what I tell, for I'll end up getting something or most of the time receive a bad respond. Even by being polite, I'll sometimes get a negative respond with high tone manner like I ask a stupid question or make it sounds like it's the end of the world.BUt not all the people that I know of does this, only some who are very close to me does it. Things like these normaly always happened to me, I'm not sure about the others.... but normaly, these are the responses that I get ...and I'm sick of it.

There is nothing wrong by asking or telling. 1st of all, I never ask a question more than one time. I'm not like my mom, When I ask a question....I'll make sure it's clear, if they don't find it clear enough then I'll tell them again slowly. And when they tell me something, I'll make sure that I get it at the first time....if I don't I'll ask again the question or what they are trying to say.

If you were to ask something that you don't know or something unfamiliar with, how would you feel that the reply they give you or maybe any gesture that they do makes you feel like you're the dumbest person in the whole world. For me, I seriously don't like it.... a person trying to ask something and the respond I get is " hah? That also you don't know wan arr? Iyohh....bodoh lar (dumb)" or "You damn Noob larr(lousy)". I would slap that person if he give me that kind of person, but I'm not the same person as I was last time.... because I know that being polite would not create any problems for anyone. But in my heart, I'll be cursing at that guy.

I love my friends , they are the people part of my life who keep me alive .... but there are certain things which has limitation to it especially when it comes to jokes. Jokes is okay.... but stop targeting at the same person all the time, like me.... it can get a little annoying. It's like anything that I do or say is always something to laugh about. Anything that happen , I'm being pointed at. When I make one joke , then later they all make a big joke at me....alot of times, more than me. I'm like a walking laughing stalk.

I guess it doesn't make a difference if I post this thing up anyway, it'll still be the same thing as always. Feels like there is no point being a good guy all the time or being sporting or trying to mix around, anything would still be the same.But it does not matter,because I believe in the prophecy that I've receive from God and I'll continue to pray and walk towards him, not going to let anything or anyone else to defect my life and my walk to God and to his Kingdom of Heaven.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Last Night out with Asaad Bardree/ Bard Baker.

On 17th December 2007 , we gathered together to have a last hang out with Bard because on 2nd January 2008 ...he's going back to Brunei to start his 1st job. Bard is a former CD42 classmate in the One Academy. He's famous for his talents in dancing , singing , acting and also his creative Illustration skills. We all have been with him for the past 3 years and it was a bomb. We'll miss you dude. =)

We went out to Zen in Sunway for makan with Yvonne, Darren , Jason and also me. After that we went to the Joint for more drinks.

This is Bard

Darren & Jason


Them again.
part of the gang

Me and Yvonne at the Joint

Group pic ( Darren went back home early)

Recent Happenings

Last week I took a 4 days off from my work to attend my church's Youth Camp in PD , and it was a BOMB! It was amazing and it was totally fun. I thank God for his blessings and his love, without God.... I wouldn't know how my life would finally end up. It was a great camp compared to last year's Youth Camp which held in my church, because well... last year I had to rush my final project for my 3rd year 2nd semester's Character animation... while having my camp! So it wasn't really fun for me at that time.But! This time I don't have to worry about that!Ahahahaha!! But my friend Chris had the same difficulty as I had. Hehe....but it's not a problem for God bless all of his children (He is in my church by the way).

Anyway...back to the camp, overall it's about 8/10 I would that I had so far. Our camp speaker , Pastor Benedict Rajan was a great... his word was so powerful and made a great impact in us. I like the part where he stands on the chair and continues to preach to us the word of God, now that's a pastor with a style! >P. He's also known to many pastors and missionaries as a prophetic pastor. I got mine prophecied ! And it's a secret....except for some who already knows ( I guess it's not much of a secret ).

What else, the room was okay except for the water heater.... too hot and too cold. The food was good, the games and activities was good, swimming and cannonball splash was fun and the road trip was also fun. Yeah, I was one of the convoy driving my Viva to PD and back to my home. I had the best time.... it was worth my 4 days off >).

Anyway....I'll end it here, can't wait for Christmas! See ya ~ >D