Friday, July 3, 2009

The June Effect

Here's the update of what I've been doing on the month of June. The month of June I've been phasing out alot compared to my previous months, mostly due to work stress I guess. Now I'm repairing people's work because they can't produce a good cutscene that the Boss want.Doesn't matter anyway, now it's been replace with my work now >D. A colleague of mine that I've been working with ever since I started this job will be leaving soon to further his studies in Australia. Dang, I guess he's gotten tired of our boss rambling and lecturing all day long. Yes, my boss have been very annoying lately due to paranoia. But what can we do when he keep asking us to repair improve more in the animation cutscenes, more repairing needs more time. And now the MDEC and the Sound studio are bugging him for the game. THat's why, with proper planning...all this could be want to add so much things until it become so rojak ...this is what you get lor. My college emphasize on this fact very seriously, but he comes from a business background with so called having the knowledge in 3d and design. Fuck, if he knows all that what's up with the screwed up pipeline? Why giving us a hard time in trying to produce a Blizzard quality games? Were not that good la! Hire those people la!

Anyway, other than that... my army in warhammer 40 000 board game is slowly growing . Had a few games with my colleagues. Oh, I'm currently addicted to this korean drama series titled 'THe Accidental COuple / That Fool'. It's a good show I'll say, it reminds me of the japan TV series 'Train Man', but this is different. This story involves a top actress in korea starring Kim Ah Joong (200 pound beauty) and a normal postal worker starring Hwang Jeong-Min. Why is it called the accidental couple? Well, u have to download it and watch it... gahahaha. But it's a good show, seriously.

Transformers 2 was really good , although the flow of the story was not that good...but the action is nice, awesome. Dang, MEgan FOx is damn hot in there, especially the scene where she sits on the bike painting a logo on it. Websites have been creating a false rumor saying that she used to be a man when they misinterpreted her speech she gave about her breakup with her latest boyfriend saying she 'feels' like a guy now being macho and stuff like that. But hey, this media will twist the whenever they can to make it all hype up and they get alot of money for it. Just like our local news, so interesting. I went to watch Transformers 2 with Kim Choon at Summit, THX summore baybeh! She was scared at the part where the girl turned to a robot....I dunno why, but she just started clinging to my arm shirt....weird. She'll be leaving to UK on September for her studies for 4 years and most probably stay there. Dang, I'm gonna miss her alot. I've known her since high school. I should have been with her all the time when I got the chance...but I was to clinged to someone else, serves me right. Now I'm gonna try to go out with her as much as I can till she leaves. Gonna miss u alot.

Hmm...what else, oh....cought a flu. A normal....flu.This normaly happen every year on June, the June effect. Garhhhhh.....