Saturday, April 26, 2008

Different Faces

This is just for fun, finally got the time to post all this pics up.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Something is Wrong, My Cup is Empty....

I feel like shit here in this place. I don't even know why GOd place me here, I'm probably better off living in a better place far from here. Here, I don't get any filling of life in my cup. I get nothing but dust. I can't even get what my heart desire. I can't even get the one that completes my incomplete life. What the hell am I suppose to do here?????JUst stay here? Work?Play games by myself??GO to church like a good little boy?Hang out with friends which I get no value back from them!??Adults giving me advices which I already know???? Argh!! It's crazy here!! I feel like I want to go insane or blow!

Here, I feel that I'm so useless!! I get nothing which satisfy my heart! Nothing but pain and aches.Every time when I'm so close to getting it, someone would just swoop in and take it away like a F***ing eagle catching it's prey.I contribute or lend them my help, but I get nuts in return!I hate being the nice guy every time, most of them will use my kindness for their own beneficial,....I keep thinking why the heck did I do it anyway?? I didn't get anything in return! I felt like destiny or fate is playing with me, not giving me what I want but what it I'm sort of a freaking puppet who has no control over his own life. I know it's wrong to be selfish....but I fucking hate that theory. Being nice doesn't fucking help at all!!

This is really bunch of crap... life.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Realizing the Reality

It's time to realize things right now, I should stop pretending that it's not. I must start realizing the reality of how things really work right now. I'm no longer a kid nor a teen, but a young adult. It's time , to see things clearly. If you're not sure what i'm talking about, i'll explain it now.

In reality , everyone is made ...flesh & blood to be 'not' perfect. But instead, the creation itself strive for perfection and doesn't even realize that it doesn't exist on humans. Why aren't we perfect? Because we have the good side, the innocent...merciful, caring and soft side of us which most people would think that it's their real personality.But, we were made along with our ugliest, our shameful, our immoral behavior and all which is bad that sums up the rest of the remaining part of a human soul.I realize that I should have expect that more from the human soul. And I always meet their ugly side.Judging them would be useless because it is part of who they are.

In reality, Love is never always ever lasting.It withers like a flower, sometimes easily shattered in an instant. No matter how much hard work you've put it in to make it work, we'll have to face it that we'll always end up being slam straight to a dead end. It doesn't matter whether you look cool, or smart, or mysterious , romantic, gorgeous , strong , sensitive , hot looking or etc.... love, not all... last forever, because not all that last....forever.

I must realize it myself, the people I'm close with, the people relationship with... doesn't always praise me, wish me good luck, cheer for me , compliment me , love me nor support me. I always end up being ganged up , mock at, blamed, teased, yell at & etc. I'm never always lucky, sometimes being quiet helps....but they never leave you alone. Returning back through words at them doesn't also works because that would start a big issue. Pretending would be useless .And all I just did, is just smile at them and give a slight giggle.

I should realize , that I'll never get a good remarks.... for most likely i'm always the sitcom of the day....and it doesn't help for being quiet. Story of my life.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lillien , oh Lillien.....only know how to Tag , Tag , Tag , Tag , Tag......~!! >D


1.At what age do you wish to be married???
-Is there such thing as a copper age? hmmmm....nevermind. Well...give me a hot babe and I'll marry her on the spot, make sure she is the Datuk's daughter...I want to kill myself If I ever want to live in poverty.

2.What is the best thing that happened this year???
-Get to hang out and have dinner with a few hot babes,dunk someone's head in to the toilet bowl, laugh at an intern , got my XBOX 360!!!, Got a few COOL games!, check out more babes, laugh at Lillien ( dunno why ), Got myself a pet sister who wouldn't stop asking me questions while I'm at work!!(she got unlimited credit!sigh....thank god I dun have a real little sister), made alot of crazy mad psychotic laughing lately, mocking the government, laughed at the rulling party for their downfall...and, been working very hard (REALLY!) =D.

3.Where is the place that you want to go the most???
-Girl's room.....God knows what mystery lurks in every inch and corner of those room, and I like to be the investigator =D. Nah...just kidding, but it'll be interesting though. Anyway...ermmm, Angelina Jolie's house.

4.If you were destined to have a major illness, what would it be???
-DESTINED!!!!??? What do you mean DESTINED????? That's like the worst fate ever , man! Arghhh....damn, can't believe I have to answer this. Ermmm.....brain cancer.

5.Do you believe you can survive without money???
-Ahahahahahahahaha.,,, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA...........WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH~!!!!!! HELLL NO!!!!!They are like my life energy man!!

6.What are you afraid to lose the most???

......................Everything that I have!oh, and my faith .

7.If you would win $1 Million what would you do???
- Wow....every man's dream. Utopia....
a. pay off my car and make it mine
b. Get a 32inch LCD tv build on the wall on my room
c. Get a PS3
d. Get a PSP
e. Get a Wii
f. Upgrade my com/get a super computer
g. Get an iphone
h. get married to my girlfriend (if I have one)
i. Get a tux
j. Get a message chair
k. Build a gym of my own so that I dun have to go out to exercise.
l. Save the rest of the money for my future, for my children....actually, I'm just gonna have 1 kid.... better.

8.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her???

Oh yeah....why not?? GO FOR IT!!! TELL IT OUT!! READ out every word in your heart is on!! Look at the shocking weird face of them and get ready to panic!!EMBRACE the truth!! And maybe probably die of a heart attack or something after that, or just stand there like a stone.

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
-HAh....I bet she wants to read this 1st among the rest of the question, ahahaha.
a.Noisy - why is that good? = keeps it lively
b.Sarcastic - Why is that good? = So that it's not so boring!
c.LOUD - Why is that good? = So that if I were to really hang out with her, I don't have to ask her to repeat. I may have to wear headphones or something .

10.What requirements you wish from your other half???
- TO be as hot,sexy,lustful as Angelina Jolie, I know that Darren will be laughing at me with his Kill kenny beer and say " It'll never happen , man! She's mine!".

Hmmm.... well. As long as they are themselves, they have good personality and not ruining it with bad things outside. They must be beautiful, a must!

11.f you are given the chance to go back into the past and make a difference, will you???

I probably would.... I would be a celebrity by now or something and make all the girls love me. But nah!!!! I'm okay as who I am now =), love God for this.

12.What kind of person do you hate the most???
a.Those who pretend what they are not.
b.Those who cheats
c.Those who disturbs the order of 'Peace'
d.Those who are superbly slow
e.Those brainless drunk clubbers.
f.Those with no real character.
g.Those that take life for granted and not appreciating it.

13.What is the most embarrassing moment of your life???

Singing audition for my secondary school graduation. What the hell did I do that for!??

14.What is the most important thing in your life???
- Mon....I mean, GOd... ofcourse. ALWAYS! and then money. Love will replace it if I get it.

15.If there's ever a war (or something similar) happening in your place, are you gonna move to a safer place or hide???
-well... I dunno, I can just go off on a street, kill the enemy ...take his ak-47 and start killing everyone and save the country!!Or....I can go to a save place =)

16.If you have the chance which part of your character would you like to change???


17.Who are the people you share your problems with???
God,and my beautiful car name Angie! Ahahaa....

18.What's your weakest point???

Hmmmmm....intelligence, cuz truthfully....I'm not a real genius or a scientist ,man. I'm just an artist.

19.What's the thing that you're most proud of??? Muahahahaha...Wahahahahahhaa.... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH~!!!!!!

20.What is the one thing you regret the most???

SO many lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........lazy lar, I go sleep 1st. I'll write it down next time. *yawn.........*

Who to tag ar? I dunno larr.....too lazy to tag ppl now, plus....I don't think they would do lor......*yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.............*