Friday, April 11, 2008

Realizing the Reality

It's time to realize things right now, I should stop pretending that it's not. I must start realizing the reality of how things really work right now. I'm no longer a kid nor a teen, but a young adult. It's time , to see things clearly. If you're not sure what i'm talking about, i'll explain it now.

In reality , everyone is made ...flesh & blood to be 'not' perfect. But instead, the creation itself strive for perfection and doesn't even realize that it doesn't exist on humans. Why aren't we perfect? Because we have the good side, the innocent...merciful, caring and soft side of us which most people would think that it's their real personality.But, we were made along with our ugliest, our shameful, our immoral behavior and all which is bad that sums up the rest of the remaining part of a human soul.I realize that I should have expect that more from the human soul. And I always meet their ugly side.Judging them would be useless because it is part of who they are.

In reality, Love is never always ever lasting.It withers like a flower, sometimes easily shattered in an instant. No matter how much hard work you've put it in to make it work, we'll have to face it that we'll always end up being slam straight to a dead end. It doesn't matter whether you look cool, or smart, or mysterious , romantic, gorgeous , strong , sensitive , hot looking or etc.... love, not all... last forever, because not all that last....forever.

I must realize it myself, the people I'm close with, the people relationship with... doesn't always praise me, wish me good luck, cheer for me , compliment me , love me nor support me. I always end up being ganged up , mock at, blamed, teased, yell at & etc. I'm never always lucky, sometimes being quiet helps....but they never leave you alone. Returning back through words at them doesn't also works because that would start a big issue. Pretending would be useless .And all I just did, is just smile at them and give a slight giggle.

I should realize , that I'll never get a good remarks.... for most likely i'm always the sitcom of the day....and it doesn't help for being quiet. Story of my life.

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