Thursday, May 22, 2008

World of Warcraft!

I would like to write about my current game addict I'm in, and that is World of Warcraft.I've been Addicted to this online game for a long time now, started early this year. This game is actually quite old...since 2003, before then I didn't have enough money to pay the online monthly payment(which is needed to continue playing).So now i'm working I can pay for this! Haha!! Thank god this game didn't die, the world of warcraft is currently in the Burning Crusade expansion and an upcoming expansion will arrive soon later this year called The Wrath of the Lich King.

Now, Why am I addicted to this game compared any other online game. Well then :
1. Many race and classes to choose from.
2. There's profession class which helps in gaining money and making good items or food.
3. There's alot of skills to learn in a class , and talents gives additional support to the character's ability and skills.
4. There's different kinds of transportation to use to travel around places like Zappelin Airship, flying mounts,Ship carrier, portals, etc.
5. Auction house which serve as a trading system.
6. Can send message,gold or items through mails.
7. Exciting dungeon(goes in a group),Arena matches, battlegrounds and Raid to earn honour points and medals in order to get Epic gears and armor in the later lvl!
8. Breathtaking environment to explore, more than up to 40 places to go!
9. Alot of Items to put on the character which helps to boost stats of the character.
10. Cool looking armor from common, enchanted, rare and Epic equipments!
11. Up to more than 10 quest to do for each area ( imagine 30+ areas !) Different areas have different difficulty.So it'll be crazy for a lvl5 Blood elf paladin to venture to the Burning Steppes which is a lvl50-60 area.
12. Alot of creatures to fight with including bosses, elite monsters, npc of the opposition and creeps.

One thing though, once u join a server and choose a faction...u can't create anymore character of the opposite faction. U'll need to be in another server to join the opposition.

So let me introduce my character.My character is currently a lvl 51 Troll Shaman (Battle Shaman type) , currently in Feralas area.

Yes....I love my drinks, I drink alot.

I wield a two-handed axe called Kang the Decapitator, so my Shaman's shout out to any alliance bastards is "I'm a freakin Axe Wielding Troll Shaman, B****h!!!"

As a shaman, I can shepshift into a ghost wolf, increased my speed movement by 40%.

This is my mount (creature that I ride on which increased my movement by 60%)

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