Monday, November 12, 2007

Team Fortress 2

Here's my next game review , Halo wars have to wait because I can't give much detail if it's not fully develop yet. So anyway. MY next exciting game review is Team Fortress 2! First, we start off with the basic details of this game, Team Fortress 2 is a team base online FPS (first person Shooter) game for the PC and Xbox 360. You can only get the game by buying the Orange Box set ( which comes with a free cool mouse pad!) which cost about Rm175-179. The developer is by Valve who are famous for creating Half-Life and Half-Life 2 and also their episodes. Basically, Team fortress 2 has no single player in it, you have to go online to play with other players around the world or you can lan connect and play with your other friends! If you buy the pirated version of this game, which is the OFFLINE version...then you'll only use it for Lan connection.( All the CC are gonna benefit from this man. ). Here's how the Orange box will look like anywhere in a game store.
Note that Orange Box is a 5 game in a box which can only be played through Steam, but with pirated dvds I'm not too sure how they are gonna crack it la. If you install the Team Fortress 2 game only, it's only gonna take up about 7GB in your hard disk space. Note* You need to update your graphic driver before you play the game , if not ... like they'll say, can cause a few problems. Don't worry about it, Steam will actually help u out in finding the link to download the update drivers. =)
Okay, back to Team Fortress 2....I'll give the details for each characters in the game and some tip.

This big fat botak head guy is the Heavy Weapons guy or for short, just call him Heavy. His weapon is the heavy machine gun whom he calls "Sasha" (I call my car Angie, short for Angelina Jolie >P ). If u hold the right mouse button, u can spin the machine gun while you're walking and can just shoot anytime you want. This is convenient because the left mouse button takes time for the guy to aim and shoot ( really damn long). His 2nd weapon is a shotgun, strong damage and it spreads. His melee weapon is his damn fist, don't take it lightly.... one punch can almost kill ya. His constitution (Health) Is the highest among others...which makes perfect sense.

Next is my favourite irritating bugger name Pyro. Pyro weilds a flame thrower which is his primary weapon, he is dangerous when it comes to close range, and when u get burn.... you'll burn continously like mad unless u get a medic, medical supply or a dispenser to heal you quickly. But he also has a far range attack, his 2nd weapon is a shotgun like the Heavy's. Which makes him flexible an also a versitle character to use. His melee weapon is the Axe which deals half of the damage. Sometimes you can't even understand what he is saying because of the gas mask.

My big scoring character is the Soldier ! His primary weapon is the Rocket launcher, a very powerful weapon in the game.If you're hit twice or once by the charged attack, you'll be blown to bits and pieces. He is affective againts Heavy Weapons guy and also the Engineer's sentry guns. His 2nd weapon is also the shotgun and his melee weapon is a foldable shovel...and it's really dangerous, for real.The soldier can jump to higher grounds too, he just have to shoot down on where he is standing and he'll go flying. he'll receive less damage from his own attack.

The speedy tazmanian devil is The Scout. This young lad runs very very fast and able to double jump. This gives the advantage to avoid attacks from The Soldier , Pyro, Sniper, Heavy and maybe the Demoman too. His primary weapon is the powerful jackoff shotgun, the most powerful shotgun among others and it's reload time is fast. His primary weapon is a Handgun. The handgun is fast and even the reload time is fast. His melee weapon , is a steel baseball bat which can deal a really massive amount of damage , like the heavy's fist! Everything about this fella is fast but his constitution is very low compared to others.

This backstabbing cockbite is the Spy. He wears a formal suit and a black mask and also smokes a ciggarette. This guy can cloack, but he can't attack when cloack. He needs to uncloack and then attack ( this ofcourse needs to be fair ). He can also disguise as an enemy's player, his own team mates will see him as a spy wearing a mask picture of the selected character disguise, but the opposition will see him as one of his teammates. His primary weapon is a powerful revolver and his melee weapon is a knife, one time attack on the enemy's back can actually kill them instantly (backstab). Oh, he also has this device called the Sapper which it can destroys the Engineer's sentry.

The drunk maniac scottish over here is the Demoman. He is all about explosion, the big bang. His primary weapon is the grenade launcher, the longer u fire.... the further it'll go. His 2nd weapon is a weapon which shoots out sticky boms, u can stick the boms anywhere u want and u just have to click right mouse button to detonate. his melee weapon, is his booze. His bottle of alcohol deals the same damage as the Scout's bat.

This here is the Engineer, I play this character most often because the Sentry does most of the killing . He can build sentry guns which can be upgraded to a machine gun and also an add on rocket launcher! He also can build the Dispenser, which it can heal and refill your ammo and also top up the engineer's steel material to build stuff. Other stuff he can build is the portal, entrance and exit which is useful for players straight into the battlefield. His primary weapon is the ordinary shotgun and his 2nd weapon is a handgun exactly like the Scout's handgun. His melee weapon is a wrench, not the small light type....the big heavy type of wrench! It can deal the same big amount of damage as the heavy,scout and demoman's melee weapons! It can also use to speed up the building process , upgrade his sentry and repair them.

The british bullseye Sniper is not to be mess with, you can never know that you'll be hit by him . The sniper ofcourse is a camper, he takes an isolated spot to shoot down any enemy with his primary sniper rifle. the longer his aim...the more damage it is, the character delivers many head shots in the game. He has a really useless 2nd weapon, a sub machine gun which doesn't deal much of a damage and his melee weapon is a huge blade.

The most important character in the team, The Medic. He ofcourse heals people .He can actually add on more health to the character's normal health quantity.I's not a really boring character...the longer you heal , you'll be able to use Uber charge on the character which makes him impervious to enemy's attack....for awhile.When the character is charged up, so is the medic....that's why normaly he is never at the front because he'll normaly be at the back of team mates fire. His primary weapon is the healing gun, his 2nd is a gun which shoots injection needles and his meleee is a dangerous bone cutting blade.
Well, that's all about my review.... I hope you guys get to enjoy this game. See ya around!

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