Monday, November 19, 2007

Budget Crysis!!

Actually not much of a crysis.... just couldn't save much for this month. Damn, this month there's like so many things going on, so many movies (one bad movie wasted) and also....alot of the very much anticipated game titled came out.....all of this in November!

So far, what I've spent on earlier this month was....the Orange box ( oh yeah!) , Timothy's present, few expensive dinner with a friend, watched 3 movies and that include one of the suckiest movies I went to watch with my friends (for more Darren's blog) at 1 utama. And I got about 2 more weeks to go! Argghhh!!

Well, Orange box was worth it.... but now Hellgate London, Call of Duty 4 , and also Crysis (game of 2007) are now in game stores! AHHHH!!!! Dammit,dammit, dammit!!

Not only that, I have to pay for youth camp which is on 10th-13th of December! I eventually have to pay because I'm part of the committee members of the Youth Camp, I'm in charge of the promo ,I'm handling the registration and last but not least that I'm being forced by Pastor Simon (not that it's a bad thing =P). Oh....I forgot one more part, because I've been forced by the committee to drive my viva , be part of the convoy to transport some of the 'lighter' youth to the camp. Sigh..... I'm so wanted .

Hopefully I'm able to save some money for next a promise to fulfill. =(

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