Friday, February 20, 2009

The Belated Valentine

I walk into the darkness I belong
Staring up at the night filled with wonders
Suddenly 2 couple walk past me
Luckily I was able to stop in time
But something made me realize about that couple...
They have each other

They are holding hands
They are gigling one another
Their heads connecting as they walk slowly
Saying I love you one another
Even though Valentine's Day just pass
They made it an everyday event

I just realize that I've been trying so hard to find you
whoever you are
I want you, and I need you
Because I'm lonely
I need to know that I can feel alive again
know no one else can compete with you

But who am I kidding
I look at my hands
And they say that I can't find her
I won't find her
She won't hold my hand
Because I'm always too late
Or too far away

I just realize that my road may have finally come to it's end
it's purpose of expanding
I guess I'll just be standing while everyone is walking forward
She'll be walking.
I know you won't hear me say this
But atleast you'll try hearing it from my heart at a distance..
Happy belated Valentine's Day.
And somewhere in an alternate reality, I'm making it an everyday with you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I wish...


I am not :perfect , but aiming to be one.

I hurt : when I become the main target and no one else is

I love : Playing has to be fun and creative

I hate : smokers or people who are inconsiderate.

I fear : loosing everyone and I become all by myself

I hear : my computer fan spinning

I cry cried : when I was a little boy, I mean...who doesn't?

I care : for people who cared for me

I always : play games and find ways to entertain myself daily.

I long to : be a well known 3d Artist and be a Director or the CEO of my own game company.And I also long to have a girlfriend.

I listen: to the things which are useful to me

I hide: a lot of thoughts and secrets like any normal people.

I drive : only at night.

I sing : as a backup singer for my church worship team.

I dance : horribly

I write : when I need to remember something

I breathe : the fresh air which is also very nice

I play : World of Warcraft and Warhammer...I know, geeky~

I miss : my 2nd sister (she's in US)

I search : for a worthy girlfriend

I learn :to not make more mistakes in life

I feel : like sleeping because of my aching body

I know : that I'm very unlucky in finding a gf...because I suck at it...I'm always too late.

I succeed : in things which I put effort in doing.

I fail : when I want it to fail

I dream : of another realm which I had a happier life there.

I sleep: enough to get up to work

I wonder : whether she's out there

I want : to play World of Warcraft

I worry : about my health

I have : been gaining alot and now struggling to burn it

I give : my best in what I can do.

I fight : when I'm being provoked

I wait: for my next big break

I need : rejuvenation

I am : humble at heart but too nice for others to abuse it, always getting left out, always too late to grab hold of the things I want the most, always on the bench, always unlucky, a game freak, into hot charismatic girls, bored...

I think: I should start playing

I can’t help the fact that : I make a lot of stupid mistakes

I stay : in my apartment

I smile : with a question of 'why'

I will : make a better me for this year

I should : be playing now

I tag: whoever who wants to do this stupid tag

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get to know yourself

I just realize what I need to do for this year...It is vital that I do this because I will not be a pathetic useless person who only knows how to stand and do nothing while everthing is taken away from me or leaving me to rot and not knowing my existence or acknowledging who I fact, it won't make a difference if I change...but at least it's for me.

I need to be selfish and think about myself

I need to take whatever I can get

I need to get rid of the unnecessary things

I need to tidy up my life

I need to stop thinking about other people's needs and favors

I need to stop giving

I need to start burning

I need to get rid of my past

I need to be better

I need to be stronger

I need to be more wiser than before

I need to be more humble

I need to be more focus

I need to work harder

I need to... complete myself first.

I need to concentrate on me only this year. I need to.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today...the 2nd of February...I've become, uncle, an old man.....-___-.