Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get to know yourself

I just realize what I need to do for this year...It is vital that I do this because I will not be a pathetic useless person who only knows how to stand and do nothing while everthing is taken away from me or leaving me to rot and not knowing my existence or acknowledging who I fact, it won't make a difference if I change...but at least it's for me.

I need to be selfish and think about myself

I need to take whatever I can get

I need to get rid of the unnecessary things

I need to tidy up my life

I need to stop thinking about other people's needs and favors

I need to stop giving

I need to start burning

I need to get rid of my past

I need to be better

I need to be stronger

I need to be more wiser than before

I need to be more humble

I need to be more focus

I need to work harder

I need to... complete myself first.

I need to concentrate on me only this year. I need to.

2 comments: said...

oh dammit
i feel you!


we'll have our very own year, this year. wtf

johnny tai said...

ahaha....yes we shall.

do ur best!