Thursday, February 12, 2009

I wish...


I am not :perfect , but aiming to be one.

I hurt : when I become the main target and no one else is

I love : Playing has to be fun and creative

I hate : smokers or people who are inconsiderate.

I fear : loosing everyone and I become all by myself

I hear : my computer fan spinning

I cry cried : when I was a little boy, I mean...who doesn't?

I care : for people who cared for me

I always : play games and find ways to entertain myself daily.

I long to : be a well known 3d Artist and be a Director or the CEO of my own game company.And I also long to have a girlfriend.

I listen: to the things which are useful to me

I hide: a lot of thoughts and secrets like any normal people.

I drive : only at night.

I sing : as a backup singer for my church worship team.

I dance : horribly

I write : when I need to remember something

I breathe : the fresh air which is also very nice

I play : World of Warcraft and Warhammer...I know, geeky~

I miss : my 2nd sister (she's in US)

I search : for a worthy girlfriend

I learn :to not make more mistakes in life

I feel : like sleeping because of my aching body

I know : that I'm very unlucky in finding a gf...because I suck at it...I'm always too late.

I succeed : in things which I put effort in doing.

I fail : when I want it to fail

I dream : of another realm which I had a happier life there.

I sleep: enough to get up to work

I wonder : whether she's out there

I want : to play World of Warcraft

I worry : about my health

I have : been gaining alot and now struggling to burn it

I give : my best in what I can do.

I fight : when I'm being provoked

I wait: for my next big break

I need : rejuvenation

I am : humble at heart but too nice for others to abuse it, always getting left out, always too late to grab hold of the things I want the most, always on the bench, always unlucky, a game freak, into hot charismatic girls, bored...

I think: I should start playing

I can’t help the fact that : I make a lot of stupid mistakes

I stay : in my apartment

I smile : with a question of 'why'

I will : make a better me for this year

I should : be playing now

I tag: whoever who wants to do this stupid tag

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