Thursday, November 5, 2009


WaaazzzaaaaUp! How's it going? My latest post will be a game review about a recent game I currently addicted. The game is called Torchligh! Developed by Runic Games...The same people who did Diablo, Hellgate london are making a comeback in this Action Role-Playing game with a different style from their other project. In this game, you travel to a town called Torchlight and battle your way down in the mines to put an end to the evil schemes of Alric and save the town! Pretty much the same story as the 1st Diablo.

You get to choose 3 classes, pretty much the same as the 1st Diablo. But in this game...even though we know those classes are mage, warrior and rogue...they came up with a fancier name= Alchemist, Destroyer and Vanquisher! Cool, huh? After get to pick a pet! Now pets are limited here but u can transform them to different creature in a given amount of time!
You get to pick a dog or a cat.
Now the usefullness of the pet system is that it acts as a sidekick to the character. It can attack, pick up items,store itmes, wear rings and necklaces, they can use spells if given to them and....the new system which they applied in their genre is the ability to store all ur items in the pet's (bag or something) and u can send him away to sell the items!

Torch light battle system is almost the same as Diablo but with the cartoonish style, it makes the game look more interesting. And a good thing about this game is that all classes can dual wield and dual wielding can be in different combination of 1 handed weapons. Weapons that are available in torch light are sword, axe, staff, wand, spell scrolls, bows, bowgun and Pistols/firearms! When dual wielding, u can combine different kinds of wielding , like a sword with a pistol. This combo is the most interesting ever cuz u can shoot and slash out in close combat.
The character upgrade system is the same as any other RPG. It can upgrade stats and skills. And u'll gain more to learn ur skills by earning fame.Gaining it is easy, just kill the special monsters.

Damage value can be seen when u hit or be hit. Some of the skills all character will have.

The effects , particle effects and the environment modelling are simply stunning.

This game was only meant for a fun game, not a Baldur's Gate story telling. It focus more on the gameplay and what can they give more to the players. I give a big round of applause for the creator of this game, they did a very well job for this game. KEEP IT UP,GUYS!!
The rating I give for this game....IS! :