Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the Youth Christmas miss match.

On December 21st 2007, Glad Tidings youth alpha group organized a Christmas cell at Church and the theme was 'Miss Match' . So basically, we're suppose to wear something miss matching. So , I didn't wear much of a miss matching clothing... Ahaha. The event was good, alot of food, not many people ate my fried rice but it was okay and I got a Cadbury hazel nut chocolate for an exchange present. It was really a great time we had.

Me and regine

Again...but this time, Calvin is in.

Lionel , Me and Regine

Friday, December 21, 2007

"Why Always Me.."

Sometimes I wonder , "Why always Me".... in any situation , "Why always me". This can happen to the good things that has happened in my life and also the bad things as well. At first I thought that I should watch what I ask for or what I tell, for I'll end up getting something or most of the time receive a bad respond. Even by being polite, I'll sometimes get a negative respond with high tone manner like I ask a stupid question or make it sounds like it's the end of the world.BUt not all the people that I know of does this, only some who are very close to me does it. Things like these normaly always happened to me, I'm not sure about the others.... but normaly, these are the responses that I get ...and I'm sick of it.

There is nothing wrong by asking or telling. 1st of all, I never ask a question more than one time. I'm not like my mom, When I ask a question....I'll make sure it's clear, if they don't find it clear enough then I'll tell them again slowly. And when they tell me something, I'll make sure that I get it at the first time....if I don't I'll ask again the question or what they are trying to say.

If you were to ask something that you don't know or something unfamiliar with, how would you feel that the reply they give you or maybe any gesture that they do makes you feel like you're the dumbest person in the whole world. For me, I seriously don't like it.... a person trying to ask something and the respond I get is " hah? That also you don't know wan arr? Iyohh....bodoh lar (dumb)" or "You damn Noob larr(lousy)". I would slap that person if he give me that kind of person, but I'm not the same person as I was last time.... because I know that being polite would not create any problems for anyone. But in my heart, I'll be cursing at that guy.

I love my friends , they are the people part of my life who keep me alive .... but there are certain things which has limitation to it especially when it comes to jokes. Jokes is okay.... but stop targeting at the same person all the time, like me.... it can get a little annoying. It's like anything that I do or say is always something to laugh about. Anything that happen , I'm being pointed at. When I make one joke , then later they all make a big joke at me....alot of times, more than me. I'm like a walking laughing stalk.

I guess it doesn't make a difference if I post this thing up anyway, it'll still be the same thing as always. Feels like there is no point being a good guy all the time or being sporting or trying to mix around, anything would still be the same.But it does not matter,because I believe in the prophecy that I've receive from God and I'll continue to pray and walk towards him, not going to let anything or anyone else to defect my life and my walk to God and to his Kingdom of Heaven.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Last Night out with Asaad Bardree/ Bard Baker.

On 17th December 2007 , we gathered together to have a last hang out with Bard because on 2nd January 2008 ...he's going back to Brunei to start his 1st job. Bard is a former CD42 classmate in the One Academy. He's famous for his talents in dancing , singing , acting and also his creative Illustration skills. We all have been with him for the past 3 years and it was a bomb. We'll miss you dude. =)

We went out to Zen in Sunway for makan with Yvonne, Darren , Jason and also me. After that we went to the Joint for more drinks.

This is Bard

Darren & Jason


Them again.
part of the gang

Me and Yvonne at the Joint

Group pic ( Darren went back home early)

Recent Happenings

Last week I took a 4 days off from my work to attend my church's Youth Camp in PD , and it was a BOMB! It was amazing and it was totally fun. I thank God for his blessings and his love, without God.... I wouldn't know how my life would finally end up. It was a great camp compared to last year's Youth Camp which held in my church, because well... last year I had to rush my final project for my 3rd year 2nd semester's Character animation... while having my camp! So it wasn't really fun for me at that time.But! This time I don't have to worry about that!Ahahahaha!! But my friend Chris had the same difficulty as I had. Hehe....but it's not a problem for God bless all of his children (He is in my church by the way).

Anyway...back to the camp, overall it's about 8/10 I would that I had so far. Our camp speaker , Pastor Benedict Rajan was a great... his word was so powerful and made a great impact in us. I like the part where he stands on the chair and continues to preach to us the word of God, now that's a pastor with a style! >P. He's also known to many pastors and missionaries as a prophetic pastor. I got mine prophecied ! And it's a secret....except for some who already knows ( I guess it's not much of a secret ).

What else, the room was okay except for the water heater.... too hot and too cold. The food was good, the games and activities was good, swimming and cannonball splash was fun and the road trip was also fun. Yeah, I was one of the convoy driving my Viva to PD and back to my home. I had the best time.... it was worth my 4 days off >).

Anyway....I'll end it here, can't wait for Christmas! See ya ~ >D

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My December.

December, ahhhhh....the blessed month. Alot of things are happening on December.....Youth Camp, Christmas Eve, Christmas and also New Year's Eve. Not to mention , there's alot of things I need to buy too on December. Let me list down my December's plan.

- Buy Hellgate London(PC Game)!
- Get my Wisdom tooth extracted.
- Get the Transformer's 2008 calender.
- Buy some accessories for my car.
- Hang out with the Sakai friends.
- Prepare for Youth Camp which is on 10th-13th December.
- Buy presents.
- Celebrate Christmas Eve at Tim's house (LAMB!!)
- Celebrate Christmas in Church and with my family.
- Celebrate New Year's Eve in church.

<<> oh Santa Rina, I want an XBOX360 for Christmas~ @. @ >>

Well, I guess it's not much of a list....but I'm excited! Especially about Hellgate London! maybe gonna buy Time shift as well.But I'm not very thrill about getting my wisdom tooth extracted. Oh well...can't wait!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Budget Crysis!!

Actually not much of a crysis.... just couldn't save much for this month. Damn, this month there's like so many things going on, so many movies (one bad movie wasted) and also....alot of the very much anticipated game titled came out.....all of this in November!

So far, what I've spent on earlier this month was....the Orange box ( oh yeah!) , Timothy's present, few expensive dinner with a friend, watched 3 movies and that include one of the suckiest movies I went to watch with my friends (for more Darren's blog) at 1 utama. And I got about 2 more weeks to go! Argghhh!!

Well, Orange box was worth it.... but now Hellgate London, Call of Duty 4 , and also Crysis (game of 2007) are now in game stores! AHHHH!!!! Dammit,dammit, dammit!!

Not only that, I have to pay for youth camp which is on 10th-13th of December! I eventually have to pay because I'm part of the committee members of the Youth Camp, I'm in charge of the promo ,I'm handling the registration and last but not least that I'm being forced by Pastor Simon (not that it's a bad thing =P). Oh....I forgot one more part, because I've been forced by the committee to drive my viva , be part of the convoy to transport some of the 'lighter' youth to the camp. Sigh..... I'm so wanted .

Hopefully I'm able to save some money for next a promise to fulfill. =(

Monday, November 12, 2007

Team Fortress 2

Here's my next game review , Halo wars have to wait because I can't give much detail if it's not fully develop yet. So anyway. MY next exciting game review is Team Fortress 2! First, we start off with the basic details of this game, Team Fortress 2 is a team base online FPS (first person Shooter) game for the PC and Xbox 360. You can only get the game by buying the Orange Box set ( which comes with a free cool mouse pad!) which cost about Rm175-179. The developer is by Valve who are famous for creating Half-Life and Half-Life 2 and also their episodes. Basically, Team fortress 2 has no single player in it, you have to go online to play with other players around the world or you can lan connect and play with your other friends! If you buy the pirated version of this game, which is the OFFLINE version...then you'll only use it for Lan connection.( All the CC are gonna benefit from this man. ). Here's how the Orange box will look like anywhere in a game store.
Note that Orange Box is a 5 game in a box which can only be played through Steam, but with pirated dvds I'm not too sure how they are gonna crack it la. If you install the Team Fortress 2 game only, it's only gonna take up about 7GB in your hard disk space. Note* You need to update your graphic driver before you play the game , if not ... like they'll say, can cause a few problems. Don't worry about it, Steam will actually help u out in finding the link to download the update drivers. =)
Okay, back to Team Fortress 2....I'll give the details for each characters in the game and some tip.

This big fat botak head guy is the Heavy Weapons guy or for short, just call him Heavy. His weapon is the heavy machine gun whom he calls "Sasha" (I call my car Angie, short for Angelina Jolie >P ). If u hold the right mouse button, u can spin the machine gun while you're walking and can just shoot anytime you want. This is convenient because the left mouse button takes time for the guy to aim and shoot ( really damn long). His 2nd weapon is a shotgun, strong damage and it spreads. His melee weapon is his damn fist, don't take it lightly.... one punch can almost kill ya. His constitution (Health) Is the highest among others...which makes perfect sense.

Next is my favourite irritating bugger name Pyro. Pyro weilds a flame thrower which is his primary weapon, he is dangerous when it comes to close range, and when u get burn.... you'll burn continously like mad unless u get a medic, medical supply or a dispenser to heal you quickly. But he also has a far range attack, his 2nd weapon is a shotgun like the Heavy's. Which makes him flexible an also a versitle character to use. His melee weapon is the Axe which deals half of the damage. Sometimes you can't even understand what he is saying because of the gas mask.

My big scoring character is the Soldier ! His primary weapon is the Rocket launcher, a very powerful weapon in the game.If you're hit twice or once by the charged attack, you'll be blown to bits and pieces. He is affective againts Heavy Weapons guy and also the Engineer's sentry guns. His 2nd weapon is also the shotgun and his melee weapon is a foldable shovel...and it's really dangerous, for real.The soldier can jump to higher grounds too, he just have to shoot down on where he is standing and he'll go flying. he'll receive less damage from his own attack.

The speedy tazmanian devil is The Scout. This young lad runs very very fast and able to double jump. This gives the advantage to avoid attacks from The Soldier , Pyro, Sniper, Heavy and maybe the Demoman too. His primary weapon is the powerful jackoff shotgun, the most powerful shotgun among others and it's reload time is fast. His primary weapon is a Handgun. The handgun is fast and even the reload time is fast. His melee weapon , is a steel baseball bat which can deal a really massive amount of damage , like the heavy's fist! Everything about this fella is fast but his constitution is very low compared to others.

This backstabbing cockbite is the Spy. He wears a formal suit and a black mask and also smokes a ciggarette. This guy can cloack, but he can't attack when cloack. He needs to uncloack and then attack ( this ofcourse needs to be fair ). He can also disguise as an enemy's player, his own team mates will see him as a spy wearing a mask picture of the selected character disguise, but the opposition will see him as one of his teammates. His primary weapon is a powerful revolver and his melee weapon is a knife, one time attack on the enemy's back can actually kill them instantly (backstab). Oh, he also has this device called the Sapper which it can destroys the Engineer's sentry.

The drunk maniac scottish over here is the Demoman. He is all about explosion, the big bang. His primary weapon is the grenade launcher, the longer u fire.... the further it'll go. His 2nd weapon is a weapon which shoots out sticky boms, u can stick the boms anywhere u want and u just have to click right mouse button to detonate. his melee weapon, is his booze. His bottle of alcohol deals the same damage as the Scout's bat.

This here is the Engineer, I play this character most often because the Sentry does most of the killing . He can build sentry guns which can be upgraded to a machine gun and also an add on rocket launcher! He also can build the Dispenser, which it can heal and refill your ammo and also top up the engineer's steel material to build stuff. Other stuff he can build is the portal, entrance and exit which is useful for players straight into the battlefield. His primary weapon is the ordinary shotgun and his 2nd weapon is a handgun exactly like the Scout's handgun. His melee weapon is a wrench, not the small light type....the big heavy type of wrench! It can deal the same big amount of damage as the heavy,scout and demoman's melee weapons! It can also use to speed up the building process , upgrade his sentry and repair them.

The british bullseye Sniper is not to be mess with, you can never know that you'll be hit by him . The sniper ofcourse is a camper, he takes an isolated spot to shoot down any enemy with his primary sniper rifle. the longer his aim...the more damage it is, the character delivers many head shots in the game. He has a really useless 2nd weapon, a sub machine gun which doesn't deal much of a damage and his melee weapon is a huge blade.

The most important character in the team, The Medic. He ofcourse heals people .He can actually add on more health to the character's normal health quantity.I's not a really boring character...the longer you heal , you'll be able to use Uber charge on the character which makes him impervious to enemy's attack....for awhile.When the character is charged up, so is the medic....that's why normaly he is never at the front because he'll normaly be at the back of team mates fire. His primary weapon is the healing gun, his 2nd is a gun which shoots injection needles and his meleee is a dangerous bone cutting blade.
Well, that's all about my review.... I hope you guys get to enjoy this game. See ya around!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My best Friend's birthday party!

Last Saturday on 3rd November 2007 was my best friends birthday party.Dude, finally you're a man! Wahahaha!! Welcome to the club!He's actual birthday is on 2nd November , the party was held at Restaurant Charisma in ss6 ( i think). So in my part, I help to create the video about Timothy and also be the MC for the night ( a last minute decision by Tim's mom...ahaha, but it was okay ). It was kinda hard on that week to make the video cuz I got alot of stuff to do at my side. So I took the time to make the video on Friday b4 cell and on Saturday.

Sigh, Saturday...b4 the party starts, I felt like my whole energy was drained out. I spent the whole morning compiling the pictures and choosing the music, then have to quickly drive to pick up Chris (another of my best friend) to go to Sunway Pyramid to buy his presents and that was around 2pm. Later when we reach there, Tim's mum called and said we have to hand in the video by 3.30pm. Wahh!! Not enough time lo... choosing tie , buying wrapping paper already like 30 minutes plus...and have to buy lunch summore at 1901. Drive all the way back to my apartment and put in Chris's picture in the video. When we finish, it was around almost 4pm plus! We called Tim's mum, luckily they extend the time to 4.30pm.

So everything was all done, I drop Chris at his place so that he can get ready and I go back to do the same. Later at 6.30pm, I drove off to pick up a friend of mine name Regine (picture below) because she doesn't know her way around there. I arrive at her place and I waited for about 10mins...biasa la she ( you knowla...girls sometimes take so long to prepare =P ) ,So I read the bible which happen to be in my car while waiting for her.Chee wah... so good, hor?.We took off to the restaurant.... and we did some catching up on the way there because it's been so long I've not talk to her. Alot of our lives have been going through alot of changes over the past few months.

Anyway....back to the party, I arrived there and I and also Chris help out in setting up the projectors and stuff for the video , Regine help out in the balloons and also the rest doing the same. Alot of people came, but not many of my high school friends...sigh, biasa la those people, always got last minute plans.My church members decided to present a song to Tim after the video presentation, a really damn weird song (abit gay when I sang that song)... and just so happens, the Birthday boy arrived!So much for practicing the song. The party started at 8.30pm. The food was delicious! Especially the lasagna which there's lamb inside (Yummy!!) and the....tomato soup. The drink was good, Regine kept asking me whether it's Punch or not because it has this weird taste in it ( Actually got other reason also she ask, ahaha....scared get tipsy =P).

After the dinner, we proceed on to the video. I would post up the video here if I want to, but scared that Timothy will kill me only. ANyway...I'll just briefly tell what the video is. The video is a compilation of all the pictures from since he was small baby to his present look right now =D!. The music is The dancersl on the ice from March of the penguins and Keep on Movin from 5ive. I put in the funny pictures at the end.... looks good with the music. It was all good, it went well....I was a little shaken as an MC, then we presented the song. Earlier I said it was a damn weird song because it is mar. It's a very cute music where the 1st line is ' You're my hunny bump,sugar plump.... yummy yummy etc etc', I can't remember the whole lyrics. But when I sing it, it feels weird to sing it to my best friend.

So after that is the speech and all and we finish the night with the birthday cake. I actually accidentally end it early and forgotten about the cake, really to be an MC. I don't year is either Chris or Regine's turn, Muahahah! The cake was good, 4 seasons! Ahahaha. So b4 we left, we took pictures and videos and we all went back ( not all at once la). Me and regine went to mamak cuz I myself didn't had enough and it's really late, supper time. Well are the very few pictures during that night. =)Timothy,Regine and Me during the party.

Me and Regine.

Regine , what a pretty picture....Muahahah!! >)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today I'm gonna talk about CD42, my 1st year class during my years in the One Academy. On May 2004, we came in for our very first class which is the design class....we were all strangers at first, including with the seniors who happened to be in our class as well.For was a little difficult to know each other , but then later in that class when we introduce ourselves to each other, knowing our characters , laughing and stuff like that.... we got closer. Somehow I felt that this was the greatest class I could ever be in because all of us are really unique in our own way.

Later, 3 more came in to join the of them later became our Batch 45 President, one of them left after 1st year.We've embark in an incredible journey of our lives during the first year... going through the figure studies, communication skills, design class(Especially Design 2 in our 2nd term because we had a real kick ass lecturer , although she likes to draw tomb stones on our designs), then the drama class and etc. We had great lecturers which we make friends with, without them... most of us won't be able to make it to the end.

Later in our 1st year, you went in our different ways in a different course.... but we still meet each other in some certain class. Through out the whole 3 years, Even though most of us are known for our great last minute works....we've achieved so many things in our lives and brought out something new compared to any other batch. Now, some of us have graduated and working, some are still studying back in the college or went for further studies in other countries. But never forget that we're still known as CD42.(Hopefully there's a gathering =D).

The class of CD42 includes:

Darren, Bard, Yvonne, Me(Johnny), Cong, Jason, Sarah, Jan Faye, Michael, Wei Joo, Rizal, Albert, Caleb, Politeia, Wei Ni, Phoebe, Amy, Kaze, Megat, Azrin, Nick,Hon Gene, Ted Loong, Kuan Win, Kai Hung, Eugene, Jonz, Erin, Mei Mun, Kenny, Patricia, Edwina, Melissa, Joanne, Elaine, Wen Yi, Kid Chan, Pui yee and there are some of the rest I kinda forgot (sorry ar-_-).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tour de Japon - Theme of Love (愛のテーマ, Final Fantasy IV)

My favourite music that I like to hear is always musical orchestra, mostly the original soundtracks from Final Fantasy series. WHy? Because Nobuo Uematsu is a genius in composing music in the game. He makes the game alive with his musics. So here's a video from one of him composed music, Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV. Enjoy

Monday, September 24, 2007

I've been tagged!?


Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1.Timothy Wong

2.Christopher Yuen

3.Rainbow Ng (Coconut)

4.Regine Tan

5.April Lim (naughty pig)

6.Yvonne Yong

7.Sarah Soh

8.Paige Shem

9.Pek Haane

10.Darren C.Edward

11.Michelle Lim

12.Melissa Tiang


14.Cindy Teh

15.Jasmin Lim

16.Bard Baker

17.Hui Cong

18.Lionel Yeo

19. Jason Woh

20.Albitch Bitchop

Gonna tag :
Jasmin Lim, Darren C.Edward, Yvonne Yong, Cindy Teh & Kathryn .

1. How did you meet 14 (Cindy Teh)

- In college, knew about her since 1st year... then later in the 2nd year, we did a short film shooting and she was one of the ppl for the audtion. She can't stop laughing infront of the camera....Sigh, then after that I got to know her well. =)

2.What would you do if you had never met no.1(Timothy Wong)

-Then I would not be in Glad Tidings sunway.

3. What would you do if 20 (Albitch Bitchop) and 9 (Pek Hanne) dated you?

-Albitch???WTF? No way....he's too bitchy for me adi.Hmmm....Pek Hanne ar? If she were to date me, I would have to bring extra padding and protection because she is mean!She likes to bully me!That Evil Frog! +(.

4. Would 6 (Yvonne Yong) and 17 (Hui Cong) make a good couple?

- Ohohohooh....if Yvonne is into photoshoot....why not?She'll be having tons of photos taken by Cong and posted up all over her blog. But too bad la, she's already taken by a another nerd fella, and Hui Cong is having fun being single, I bet he's taking picture of girls right now in a photoshoot agency.

5. Describe no.3 (Rainbow the Coconut).

- Hmm..... she's cute, nice, energetic, camera shy and a funny way of getting angry or annoyed. I love to call her piglet coconut cuz I like to Tok her head =) *bulley bulley~*

6.Do you think no.8 (Paige Shem) is attractive?

- She's very attractive, great slim body (used to be a cheerleader!) she's really beautiful, she's really a wonderful person. All in a good score. That guy she's with must be really lucky to have her. She's a good friend to have.

7.Tell me something about no.7 (Sarah Soh)

- Well, she's our President for batch 45 Asylum in the One Academy, quite a famous gal.... loves her lecturers (I mean really....loves her lecturers =P). Go to True fitness wor, so should be slim with bendable body wo. Learn wu shu summore, can kick ppl's butt (U horny gal). But important thing is that she's responsible and a hardworking person. Pro, babe...memang pro.

8. Do you know anything about no.12's (Melissa Tiang) family?

- Well....I know she has a brother who's the same age, but 8 months younger. Her mom who is quite strict (Lawyer wor) and a her father whom I dunno what he does. =P.... Miss 'TIANG'! =D

9. What is no.8's (Paige Shem) favourite?

- Erm, she loves Illustrating...she's really good at it. But what she really want is to illustrate her own clothing design, she loves fashion.

10. What would you do if no.11 (Michelle Lim) confesses that he/she likes you?

- EH? Aku punya boss dalam gang Sakai??Wah lau wehhh...I must be her favourite Sakai friend, nowonder she introduce me to Rumba Frappucino and got me all hyper..... she likes me!!ALOT! Too bad lar she's with her bf in Aussie. ISH! >(

11. What language does 15 (Jasmin Lim) speak?

- Erm....well, I only know she speaks in English through her blog and messages. But I can guess that she can speak mandaring and cantonese lor unlike me who is memang a Babana.

12. Who is 9 (Pek Haane) going out with?

- Her Bf lorr from my college.Forgot adi wats the name.

13. How old is 16 (Bard Baker) now?

-Hmm...this year he should be 23 years old.

14. When was the last time you talked to 13 (Kathryn)?

- Ermm well...never.0_0.... I only converse with her through MSN, maybe one day I should meet up with her personally and chat.Hopefully that day will come. =(

15. Who is no.2's (Christopher Yuen) favourite singer?

- Huh...dunno leh, he listens to alot of chinese songs, surely is one of the female singers lerrr..

16. Would you date no.4 (Regine Tan)?

Hmmm..... I don't know, I've not been hangging out with her for a long time. But I won't be asking any date from her because she's currently occupied right now. Plus.... I don't really think I would want to mess up my life with confusion again.

17. Would you date 7 (Sarah Soh)?

Hmmm....maybe , if she's not too busy. Ahahaha.... president of batch 45 wor.

18.Is 15 (Jasmin Lim) single?

hmmm...I dunno, is she? She could be.... or maybe she's hiding something, she probably have a secret lover in Aussie...right now! Or maybe .....hmm,, I better stop guessing. But I think she is single lar.

19. What is 10's (Darren C.Edward) last name?

Edward? ( no...he's not an angmoh lang, he just have foreign mixed blood for a normal Sabahan guy).

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 (Michelle Lim)?

- Ooooo....that would be fun, bf to the Boss, I become head boss of the sakai group! And no one can stop us!! WAHAHAHAHA!!...

21. What school does 3 (Rainbow Ng) go to?

Ermm...SMK Taman SEA , I think? right? right?

22. Where does 6 (Yvonne Yong) live?

- A place so far from the college, beyond KL........ CHERAS!

23. What's your favourite thing about no.5 (April Lim)?

Ahahaha....naughty pig arr?? Iseehhh.... my favourite thing about her is her naughtiness. she loves to kacau me wan la, every time after 2 am....surely missed call me. Sometimes missed call me so many times until I have to missed call her back. She miss me so much adi. day must bring her out so that she won't missed call me after midnight.But without her, I would definitely feel bored lo.

Suzanne's Birthday Party.

On Sunday was Suzanne's 21'st Birthday party (After so long, finally a woman!).Suzanne is a friend from my high school, although I don't really know her that well... but through Timothy and Regine's birthday party last year, I was able to know her a little bit. Me,Timothy, Regine and her boyfriend went to her birthday party.B4 then, we went to pyramid and buy for Suzanne a box set of fragrance from The Body shop.Then we get ready and waited at Regine's house (Regine's house is a few steps away from Suzanne's place).Her church members surprised her at her house, we missed it though but it was Okay. We all then head of to the real location of the party which is in on of the Church member's bungalow house located in ss18. My car was left at the park the whole night =(.

But It was great during the party.... get to meet her church friends quite we, some I've known from Ninjutsu club (thank goodness, I thought I was gonna die of boredom).Oh, we met our,Kevin who is our prefect senior from our high school who is also in the same church as Suzanne. The food was great, the fruit salad was nice ( better than Regine's sister's fruit salad =P) and the sausage was awesome. Although Suzanne keeps putting more food on the table for us to finish, Timothy was all stuffed up by Suzanne. Me and Regine's bf was able to think of a clever way to get out +D.

So we all had our meal , and then began the events. The 1st event was the showreel about her . Nice pictures of her and her friends and also her boyfriend ( Trying to be very photogenic in every picture she's in it. ) It was sweet and nice. Then the next event is the dressed up show down where she dress up in 4 types. Check out below :

The Cool version of Suzanne.... she has this weird way of break dancing & 'hipping' .

Ermm....well, I can't make this out, but I think she's washing herself while singing "You are my only sunshine" I guess this is how she baths .

The old woman version of Suzanne.....TImothy's idea, here u can see Suzanne trying to pummel him using .....something fake.

And this is the.......geeky version of Suzanne .There's always one in all of us =D. Nice eye brows =P.

The performance was good, her friends was right..... she's good in singing, dancing and acting. After that came the Daring game. Alot of dares she did, quite oklarr ...not so much fun compared to the earlier event.So after cutting the bear shape cake and eat it. Me, Regine and her BF bid farewell to the birthday 'woman'. We had a blast and I hope she did too...... yeah, I think she had a great time. Good luck in whatever you're doing right now and God bless you, Su! =D

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friends may come and go, but the memories stays eternal.

Few hours ago I had a great night and I thought it was gonna be my another regular weekend. I had a blast from my past meeting old faces from my high school, and people do change alot. Supposingly this night I had to choose to go either 3 of the places to spend the night, Kok Keong's birthday party, my church Lantern night festival and Kelly Thorn's birthday party. So the 1st option I picked was to go for Kok Keong's(high school friend) birthday party at his house.

Went there, makan.... met people, met someone who has change enormously ...some have not,my back door neighbour was there , not many pretty girls....Sigh. TImothy who is my best friend from high school and church went to Kok Keong's party as well, and I thought it would be Ok, . But dang man, he chit chat with other guys and a girl about online games which I'm not so interested at.Plus with Tien Ming around (Kok Keong's cousin) ....I dun think it would be a good idea to stick around the guy's mouth is only made for flirting and to hentam ppl .I'll just kena more from that guy only if I stay any longer .So I didn't ....If I did, it'll be dead boring. Plus, surely they all will go to Cyber cafe which I'm not willing to spend my money on.

So I wish Kok keong his birthday and bid my farewells to him and drove straight to church for the lantern night festival. When I reached there, they were playing games...creating lanterns. So I was there as a spectator but met up with Chris and his sis. Chat with them and then chat with Rainbow who came later than me from her house! Ehehehe... lazy la her. Had a great time, chatting with her , that camera shy girl..... need to take about 8 shots until can get a perfect shot of her face, sigh.... weird. Chris suggested that after we're done at church, we still got time to visit Kelly's birthday party..... after doing some cleaning up 1st at the church.

I drove back to my house to park my car and Chris pick me up and off to Kelly's house. At her place... we met alot of old faces that we've not seen for a long time,Santose, Joel, Ashvin, Tarrand, Hamzah, Nadiah, Kah poh and Brian except for Nadiah and Ashvin. Dang, some of my old friends who were there changed alot! Joel who was my form 1 classmate is now pretty build up! And he have a deep tone voice (I guess that's for being too Arnold Schwazenegger). When I say hie to Kelly, you know what was the 1st name she called me? (she forgot my name!!)SHe called me Chuen Hong!!CHai Chuen Hong! Atleast it's not Lim Jian Min or some other dude's name. Adoi~...... I like so upset because she's my classmates for form 1 and form 4. I gave her alot of hints and she still couldn't guessed it, sigh.... sad life. Atleast Nadiah remembers..... the longest person I've known since standard 6 . Good friend good friend, handsome!

Later more faces came, after chatting with them and all.....they've changed alot....most of them are working like me! Most of the guys who had bad ass attitude in school have changed to hardworking students to a working ppl in a big companies. So this proves that it doesn't matter what IQ level or what scores you get during high school days, it's whether you're able to achieve alot of things and get to the top compared to others. They've improved alot in terms of lifestyle and portfolios!Amazing....So , it was getting late and we bid our farewells to Kelly. Chris still can eat after a meal a Kelly's place ( must be not enough I guess) So we head off at Tanjung in USJ 9, and guess what? Somehow we predicted that we'll meet more old faces....and we did!

Khai ROn, Sze Han and Kit Wayne came to tanjung to yum cha as well. Wow....kit wayne looks neat and his eyes looks okay now (last time he had a fight and had an accident where a piece of his glasses cut the area near his right eye) So, they too were doing great... and one of them changed. Khai Ron who was a smart and a good friend now wears glasses and smokes . He never smoke during high school days, he's those decent type of guys who won't smoke at all. But I guess years in college have passed changed all that. Hanged out with Sze Han and Kit wayne too much I guess.

Ahahaha was great, can't wait to tell Timothy what we've experienced that he couldn't get to. =P

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halo 3!!

Halo 3 is coming this month!! Woo Hoo! Halo games are very cool, they have a nice story plot, an awesome concept design, a very cool and beutiful lighting moods and a main super cool kick ass character name Master Chief! This game is an FPS (first person shooter) genre developed by Bungie studio under Microsoft.The game features alot of cool environments to see, awesome weapons to use , outstanding textures and effects, improved and way better animation style,And a whole new plot of the story!THis game is out only in Xbox 360 and I think maybe in the PC(Hopefully).
Now about the plot of of Halo 3 : (Taken from wikipedia)
When the game begins, Master Chief is back on Earth, where the Covenant loyalists (Brutes, Drones, and Jackals), led by the Prophet of Truth, have laid waste to most of the planet. Covenant ships are hovering over an excavation site a few miles from the ruins of New Mombasa and have uncovered a large artifact in this site (seen in the E3 2006 trailer), and Cortana is still the prisoner of Gravemind. The Arbiter, along with the Elites, Hunters, and some of the Grunts have split from the Covenant during the civil war at the end of Halo 2 and formed an alliance with the UNSC. It has been hinted that the Grunts and the Hunters have joined with the Elites, but recent promotional media show that at least some of the Grunts have sided with the Brutes. The game will not begin right where Halo 2 left off. Instead, the comic mini-series, Halo: Uprising, will bridge the story gap between the ending of Halo 2, and the beginning of Halo 3.
(Check out the armor texture and normal map!)
The main character , Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-117 or most commonly called in the game....Master chief and his real name known only as John (Cool!,I'm johnny!).Originally designed by Marcus Lehto, Rob McLees, and Shi Kai Wang, the character is towering but faceless, as he is never seen without his armor or helmet. These character is the fictional protagonist in Halo universe and is known to be the Hero of Earth who fought along side with the Earth defense army againts the Covenant and the Flood.The character has been referred to as an "icon", and is one of a few recognizable game mascots, a relative newcomer joining established characters such as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Lara Croft ; Electronic Gaming Monthly named the Master Chief as the eighth greatest video game character ever.
So look out for this game at the end of this month. And I'll upload on the another upcoming halo title , The Halo Wars. Oh and by next year. Director Peter Jackson will be directing Halo: the movie!! How Cool is that!! =D

Monday, September 17, 2007

My work life. +)

My 1st official blog entry,(the one before is just an intro) And I'm just gonna write about my daily working area. I'm working as a 3D artist in E-One Studio Sdn.Bhd located in Plaza Sentral building, quite near to KL sentral... takes about 5 minutes of walk from the train station. I don't drive to work, it'll be crazy because I get out like 6pm something. So taking the train is easier...although sometimes it depends on the crowd.Not bad actually, sometimes while waiting ...I can get to spot some pretty hot bussiness women. +P
Anyway, back to the topic.
Yes, this is my working area in E-One studio, a little bit messy though but not compared to Yvonne's working place. hehehe xP. So what do I normaly do here? Well, of course I work.... dun bother about the monitor.I was playing a game but it was during a break time. I'm allowed to play games ( well..duh, a game design studio) as long as I get the job done , as in my assignments given and stuff like that. It's not really that tough now, I'm currently doing sub level design concept for the game. But it sure does used up a lot of my brain power to think of a concept. But it's gonna be really interesting and fun (hopefully *fingers crossing*) because a lot of interesting ideas are put in to this game we are developing now.
Besides that, I normaly surf the net ,listening to music,watch some movies or clips to keep me distracted. And yes, I need distraction when it comes to work. I've inherited my eldest sister's habit.But the thing is, some words or scene could suddenly give me an idea on what I can put in my concept drawings!But I still need more though, playing games helps me to understand their concept elements and I'll try to do something better than what they did in the game. Something that not many have seen b4 , which is normal and needed in most of the game...something new.

I'm gonna post up some of my drawings I've done during college time and you're welcome to leave a comment. =)

The blog.

Starting up a blog now....hopefully it fills my boredom. =P