Monday, December 17, 2007

Recent Happenings

Last week I took a 4 days off from my work to attend my church's Youth Camp in PD , and it was a BOMB! It was amazing and it was totally fun. I thank God for his blessings and his love, without God.... I wouldn't know how my life would finally end up. It was a great camp compared to last year's Youth Camp which held in my church, because well... last year I had to rush my final project for my 3rd year 2nd semester's Character animation... while having my camp! So it wasn't really fun for me at that time.But! This time I don't have to worry about that!Ahahahaha!! But my friend Chris had the same difficulty as I had. Hehe....but it's not a problem for God bless all of his children (He is in my church by the way).

Anyway...back to the camp, overall it's about 8/10 I would that I had so far. Our camp speaker , Pastor Benedict Rajan was a great... his word was so powerful and made a great impact in us. I like the part where he stands on the chair and continues to preach to us the word of God, now that's a pastor with a style! >P. He's also known to many pastors and missionaries as a prophetic pastor. I got mine prophecied ! And it's a secret....except for some who already knows ( I guess it's not much of a secret ).

What else, the room was okay except for the water heater.... too hot and too cold. The food was good, the games and activities was good, swimming and cannonball splash was fun and the road trip was also fun. Yeah, I was one of the convoy driving my Viva to PD and back to my home. I had the best time.... it was worth my 4 days off >).

Anyway....I'll end it here, can't wait for Christmas! See ya ~ >D

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