Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Urge to Break Off from Duties

Fuck....I want to break off from any duty (except for my work) that I'm in right now. Freaking stress with it, one of the duty wants to keep it a secret cuz don't want them to make a big fuss about it. Alot of things need to be done, alot of limitation for a big project, and alot of days need to attend. The other is pushing me alot and I keep forgetting to do some of the duty and some are unusual circumstances. Shit this year nearly end, my days are getting worst than ever.


This year is my worst year of all. I'll write a post about my 2008 evaluation later in this month.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lol....I'm Dr.Evil/Liew!

Congratulations Johnny Tai, you are...

Dr Liew of

You are such a silly and cartoonish person. You are confident, quick-witted and have a natural sense of humour. Even during the most stressful times, you keep your cool, live by the rules and focus on solving the task at hand. To your friends, you are always that loyal companion standing by their side, cheering them up when they're feeling down. You have virtually no enemies. People simply enjoy having you around.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

D&D : Character Concept Art

These are the 2 drawings I did for Drink and Draw in August this year. Theme was character concept. So it was about 2 hours plus I think. We were drawing while drinking, eating and chatting. Quite a fun a event to say, can't wait for this coming thursday!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Flaws of Human Beings

Nothing in this life satisfy a soul of a human being. Everyone needs everything. Whether it's from food , to the joy of victory and to the need of another companion... they want it all. We are a race of human beings who are too complicated to understand....or maybe too simple and stubborn to change. An individual must have the joy or a satisfaction to complete something within them. But it never ends, it never does. There's no such thing as perfection in every person life as there will always be flaws in them . All their need, all their desire, all their satisfaction and all their's endless. Whether we die , it never stops.

We all need to find that thing we need to fullfill our desire, to complete the small part of our lives.But the most annoying thing is that most of them when they've pulled all their effort to have finally found something, it's not what they want at the end of that expression and they go look for another different thing . The need has a tendency of changing one person's mind from a calm and peaceful mind to a chaotic filled with a lot of uncertainties . There will always be something new, and a hungry pack appears. Those who thinks that they have everything felt like the've already owned the world. Human needs is dangerous if not controlled, it's like a hunger and it changes them.

I just came to realize that most of us are too stubborn to change things in us or unwilling to accept other people's fact but their own. To those who can see both sides in all things are open minded and willing to learn and understand, whether in goodness and in all the bad things. But to those who are one sided .... they are like a rock which soon will pile up and form in to a solid mountain. And it's pointless to try and move a mountain as we are not God himself. It's good to stand on your own opinion and the knowledge that you've gain, but one must also learn to listen to other's. The best way to deal with people who are one sided and who only sticks to their own ideology is to give them the joy and satisfaction of winning the conversation and let them go about in their own ways . It doesn't matter how hard you try, they won't move for you.

There are some human beings who wants to learn a lot of things and there will be some people who judge them for it. Judging them to why they need to learn it or they are unable to perfect that knowledge that they gain. These are the people who thinks that they themselves are the master of that knowledge or only know how to speak angry empty words because it bugs them that the other person know this knowledge. How can we ease their frustration? We can' matter how much we try to resolve with them, they are still holding up a knife on your throat. Best way again is to let them linger on with it. They always come up with things which doesn't relate to the topic, but do they care? As long as they can use it on the other person and hurt them, it's all the satisfaction that they need. But for some people, they intend to use the same tactic on them and the fight never ends, it becomes an endless battlefield which sometimes involve a third party or even a stranger in their ridiculous war. And the result is that everyone involved in it are scared from their own stupidity.

There are some who hurt people because they just want to. Because they see a flaw or a weakness in that person and they transform in to a tiger and pounced on that victim. Pointing out a small little detail and use it to their advantage. Why they do it?It's hard to tell... maybe because it bothers them so much or giving in to their emotions to do the thinking. And if those who defends the helpless will be their next target victim, it's like "If you stand in my way, you'll join him/her as well". Some thinks that those who defends them have a motive to get something in return like a reward, a reward meaning something ugly. Not all of them are like that... they just want to help, they just want to lend a hand. But the attacker refuse to believe it and stand by their own opinion. So they let them do or torture that person, as long as the helpless is not hurt, it's okay then.

Companionship, friendship.... it's meaningless if it's not treasured well. We all may find a friend or that special someone, but sometimes it's like a flower petal.... it drops one at a time and it then left with nothing. Sometimes, it breaks so fast... you don't even know how it happen.One can have friendship which is important and fills another part of our life. But a warning would be if they consider you as a close friend, the greatest friend of all....becareful as to anytime they can change their face. Same goes for a companion. He/she maybe the one that you've found.... but not all of them are sure of what they want and which leads to unloyalty or the need to have something different. Nothing last forever unless both of them are still holding each other's hand and it's unbreakable.

These are the only few things and flaws of a human being, I am too like them who have some of these flaws. But I'm pointing these out to make you realize what we are. But try to be open to all things in life, learn to control your emotions and your needs, do not break what you have and learn to treasure all things around you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Hate this Part right here....

1. Do you think you're Hot?
No....I think I'm awesome! >D

2. Upload your favourite picture of you

3. Why do you like that picture?
Because it's the picture of me and the gang being sakai together at starbucks, Taipan. Or maybe it's just me being the only sakai fella >P

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last week, my dad bought an itallian pizza...dunno what's the toping but it was really spicy!

5. The last song you listened to?
Pussycat Dolls : I hate this Part

6. What are you doing now besides this?
Playing WOW in the studio while checking blogs.

7. What name would you prefere besides yours?
I did wished for a different name when I was young, but now everyone knows me by Johnny, so I'm keeping it.

People to tag

- Kathryn
- Jen
- Isabel
- Yvonne
- Darren

8. Who is number one?
Someone I've met online, quite a straight forward person with a vast opinion of her own, can be quite harsh but she's good. A hybrid.

9. Number 3 is having a relationship with ?
I dunno...

10. Say something about number five
Cut your hair...

11. How about number four?
Faster do props! >D

12.Who is number two?
A sexy babe from Ipoh... she can really cook very very very delicious food, I want to try! >.<

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bloody Buggers....

Every morning I always listen to radio channel ( my favourite and I love Serena C and also Pietro ) And this morning they were discussing a very interesting topic as for today is actually 'What Bugs you Day'. So I hear a couple of listeners story and I have a few of my own! So here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna create a tag entry about this topic and you guys are free to take the tag if I didn't tag you at all.

Rules :
> Just list down 6 things that bugs you(that you're annoyed about) in life or recently happen.
> Tag the next 8 person for this topic
> NO TAGGING BACK! I ain't wanna do this again.

1. Every time I drive on the Federal Highway especially around 8pm, there will always be an idiot with a high beam(especially xenon light) or some cars where one of their car light is not adjusted properly. And they just have to be behind me, I tilt my front mirror upwards and hopefully he get blinded by his own light.

2. Last Week when I was queing in a light at Carrefour to pay for my cereal, milk and a jar of chocolate Nutella (gotta cut down on those). Just before it was my turn, this bitch from the other lane put her basket on my side to ,walk over and took my turn...she cut my line! I went like " Wow.... that's interesting" The cashier was laughing(you're not suppose to laugh u Bangla!) and ppl behind me scolded her. You know what's her reason?? "My dad is impatient, need to be in the hurry now" The dad is talking to a credit card sales guy, seems busy.....fucking bitch.

3. Every morning I walk to the KTM station to go to work (because I live very near to the station). So, there's this construction going on beside my apartment....and everytime I walk past there, some idiot spit out a huge ooze of saliva on the road on the path as I was walking. WTF man!! So I have to cross the other side near the drainage where trash lorries always park. Freakin doesn't make my day.

4. KTM trains are my problem everytime I take it.I know driving is a good option, but parking around KL Sentral is not good at all. The KTM trains breaks down often , and when that happens... the train scheduled to come on the time u wish is canceled. This is worst when the station is packed! The next stop, the train that do come will be full of people that came from KL station. No chance to go in at all! HAve to wait for another stop!! Missed 2 stops and altogether waited for about 45 minutes!

5. This has bug me for quite a long time now, and it's about my friendship with this particular girl whom I've known for 6 and a half years. Well actuallyit's less than that cuz I dissapeared from her for 2 years in between. I admit that there are few times I fall for her during our friendship,she's beautiful, cheerful, good to talk to and caring. I stayed and remain as a friend as always knowing whether I have feelings for her or not. I dissapeared from her is because I couldn't stand being her different from how I knew her in school and having to see her in a relationship with a real jerk(smoker). Recently we got back together as friends again, I thought she was different from then...more mature, open and mindful in things. But I was really wrong, she's still the same...blur, clueless and still can't think for herself. She still loves another type of idiot, a very jealous type. But I didn't want to argue about her 'normal' taste in guys, so I told her that I want a renewed friendship where I will not develop any deeper feelings for her. But guess what? After that discussion, she decided to get a few pointers from a friend instead of her own and came with a conclusion that she felt her friendship got cheated(obviously hinting me). After all this time as I remained as a friend, or for her she considered me as a 'closer friend', she took all of that and slap it at my face.WOW. From then on, I don't give a fuck about her knowing thast it's not worth it anymore being her friend again.Don't worry, there won't be an 'again' the next time we meet. I now this topic will not dissapear from me, but it felt good to let it out.

6. I can't stand anonymous readers that drops by and kick you at the ass or bugs my favourite blogger, Cindy. WTF man, what's that all about? Do they have a life at all?? And not including the link so that I can have a real discussion with that person, what a fucking chickens. And comment on things which are not that important or unrelated , it's like they have real serious issues for minor things. And some of them are normaly childish idiots, I reckon is some of the forum readers in Low yat... so very manglish. Get a life or just suffer!

Ok, the people I tag :
1. Yvonne
2. Darren
3. Kathryn
4. Jen
5. Carrie
6. Rachel
7. Christopher
8. To anyone who want's to do this tag.

Happy tagging.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Different kind of Life..

Always wonder what it'll be like in a different world. How would your life be in that place? Would it actually be better than the one you have right now? Or is it worst than what you're enjoying right now?

I always dream or have short glimpse of vision on my head of how my life would be in a different place. It's like for some situation I would be doing that thing that I couldn't do here like playing an awesome guitar or piano or I would have been a famous guy in school and stuff like that. But that's all mind playing... but who knows, there is an alternate world out there where we're in it playing a different life.Think of it that God create a mass duplicate of us and each of those duplicates are in a different kind of world in adifferent kind of life. But don't pay too much attention to this part, don't want to confuse you too much.

Everyday we strive to perfect our life, to live a life full of joy and excitement as much as possible with many difficulties along the way. It's somehow whether I'm in a different world or time, it's never that easy. I don't really need God to tell me this as he already know I have understood that.

I know that the fates are toying with my life, giving me a bad time everyday and give a little luck to experience the joy. Somehow, it is getting tiring and letting them do whatever they want to my life like a cursed vodoo doll. It doesn't matter how much I try to prevent it, they got pins stuck on me already.

Oh, I have Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft and it's awesome! Death Knight class is superb! Can't wait to go back home and play it again! Oh, if anyone is interested I have 2 free 10 day trial account for you guys to try it out! >)

Madagascar 2 night Part 2

Here are the extra pics from the Madagascar 2 premiere night taken using Cindy's camera ( Not bad also lehh, good quality ) You can check out her post too for this night:

She's almost as tall as me, very rare to find girls who is around my height >P.

Me with the girls : Cindy, Me, Eri and Voo

Cindy , Me and Harry.

So , those of you who have not watch it yet....GO AND WATCH NOW! It's very good actually...even my friend Tim said Madagascar 2 rawks!!

Well..that's it for this post >D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Brand New Tag!

I bored. Me do tag. Tag makes my boring hours busy. Busy is good. Good means Happy. +)

Rulez : do not copy answers
tag questions must be 100% the same
tag 10 people after doing tag
no tagging back

People I tag without mercy >D :
1. Kathryn(hehe..)
2. Jen
3. Rachel
4. Jasmin Lim
5. Cia Ee
6. Lillien Siew
Cindy Tey
8. Jasmine Cheong
9. Jamie Yong
10. Yvonne

How you know 1?
In the world wide web....serious!I think it was through internet but I think she added me 1st >D. Until now I still have not met her yet(Hey, we gotta meet's been too long!) . We just chat in msn or check out each other's blog.

What would you do if you never meet 2?
actually...I've not met her yet. Maybe soon though then go dating and can belanja her makan =). I want teriyaki chicken! +D

What would u do if 3&4 dated u?
Hmm..interesting :
3(Rachel) We'll be having pizza at my place where we can play alot of Xbox Games and give her tips to how to pass her semester, interested? >D
4(Jasmin) Have a superb 'rocking' night! With tons of Java Chip!!

Would 5&6 make a good couple?
I wouldn't mind seeing it, that would be an interesting sight >D

do u think 7 is attractive?
Wow,..I placed her at the right number. Ofcourse she is!! She's superbly hot! And she deserves to be the Malaysian Dreamgirl! =)

Do u know anything about 8’s family?
Ermmm.....I only know that her sister Maggie is from my school and she has a Hong Kong actress name.

Tell me something about 9
Childhood friends....I think since std 5 till form 5 then after that she cabut pergi Ipoh....ape lerrr -___-

What is 1’s favourite past time?
Interesting Question, I've yet to discover that. I think my guess would be listening to music and singing. >D(I main bantai saje)

What language does 2 speaks?
English, Cantonese , Mandarin, I think Hokkien also and ofcourse Bahasa (Am I close? Or do u know hakka ? >P )

Who is 3 going out with?
Dunno.... one of her little dolls I think.

How old is 4?
She's as fierce and hot as a Dragon, so go figure what year is that >D.

When was the last time u talked to 5?
.........if chat in person, since college time. MSN chat..few months back. I gotta catch up -__-"

Who is 6 favourite singer?
...............I dunno.

Would you date 7?
If I get the chance and she accepts, Yes. Maybe one day that will come =\

Is 8 single?
She should be.

What is 9 last name?
Pui (can remember lerrr...I so keng)

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
If I'm more to wealth, why not. Entrepreneurs~

Which school does 2 go to?
Errrrrr........ I dunno, a school somewhere in Ipoh >D

What do you like about 3?
She plays video games and she has a vast opinion in terms of Politics

Do you know 4 favourite clothing attire?
Short silky dress! Bow chiqa wow wow! >D

What's 5 like in person?
Short & Hyper.

Ever dated with 6?
Even if I ear plucks won't be enough for the night. (Just kidding! >D)

What do you share in common with 7?
We blog...ahaha. But she is more well known than me.

When is 8's birthday?
Ahahaha....hahahaha....haha...errrrr..... I dunno >_<"

Ever wanted to say something to 9?

Had a crush on u once when we were young, but then being a friend seems okay =). But I still like you though. Good luck in your,......studies!

What's your relationship with 10?
College mate, class mate , colleague.....the 3Cs.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Night of Madagascar 2 premiere!

Last night I had a blast at Mid Valley, watched Madagascar 2 with christopher , his friend and Tim. If u had read the old post about the Madagascar competition, I am. I had my ticket, met up with Cindy, snap some photos together and went in and enjoy the show!Still waiting for the rest of the photos from Cindy. Post it up, Cindy!I wanna see! >D

The movie is good, really good. Alot of funny scenes especially the penguins! their hijaking, pure genius and very strategize!And Mort (furry little cute guy) was all weird and scary!

From a 3d Artist perspective of the show, I think the render of the environment is good. I was quite attracted to the backdrop composition , the environment which they manage to capture the feel of Africa but a little more of paradise looking. Their animation is as cartoonishly funny as always and the mood and lighting (Vray) and all is great. Modelling I can tell is not much , just alot of duplicationg and project different sets of animation for the back characters. The environment model I can tell are quite a few like the sligshot take off, the paradise in Africa, the plains, the crash site, the jungle of Africa , the beach, and the Volcano.This number for an animation is considered as a good amount and they did a good job on the details and the usage of good specular map on the environment.

Rating >>>> 4/5

Story could still be interesting >P.

Cindy and ...Voon, I think...ahaha, and the far right is Eri. We're all bloggers btw but that's not important. What's important is that I had a great time watching Madagascar 2 and get to snap photos with Cindy! 1st Malaysian Dreamgilr weh! And I've been following her blog for almost 2 years now.

Feels really great to be next to her , ahaha!Remember my name ar!

Monday, November 3, 2008

His name is Dalzarh, Essence of Corruption.

Got just post my old sketch I did last time.. I'll post the coloured version in marker soon. So I'll just entertain u guys with this drawing of mine.

Ever wondered a 3d Artist like me could draw a fine piece of concept?It's understandable since I've only been building 3d objects and animate character in a computer. Well, for some of you would know that I do, for those who don't know that yet....


I have the skills with the pencil too. >P