Monday, November 17, 2008

Bloody Buggers....

Every morning I always listen to radio channel ( my favourite and I love Serena C and also Pietro ) And this morning they were discussing a very interesting topic as for today is actually 'What Bugs you Day'. So I hear a couple of listeners story and I have a few of my own! So here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna create a tag entry about this topic and you guys are free to take the tag if I didn't tag you at all.

Rules :
> Just list down 6 things that bugs you(that you're annoyed about) in life or recently happen.
> Tag the next 8 person for this topic
> NO TAGGING BACK! I ain't wanna do this again.

1. Every time I drive on the Federal Highway especially around 8pm, there will always be an idiot with a high beam(especially xenon light) or some cars where one of their car light is not adjusted properly. And they just have to be behind me, I tilt my front mirror upwards and hopefully he get blinded by his own light.

2. Last Week when I was queing in a light at Carrefour to pay for my cereal, milk and a jar of chocolate Nutella (gotta cut down on those). Just before it was my turn, this bitch from the other lane put her basket on my side to ,walk over and took my turn...she cut my line! I went like " Wow.... that's interesting" The cashier was laughing(you're not suppose to laugh u Bangla!) and ppl behind me scolded her. You know what's her reason?? "My dad is impatient, need to be in the hurry now" The dad is talking to a credit card sales guy, seems busy.....fucking bitch.

3. Every morning I walk to the KTM station to go to work (because I live very near to the station). So, there's this construction going on beside my apartment....and everytime I walk past there, some idiot spit out a huge ooze of saliva on the road on the path as I was walking. WTF man!! So I have to cross the other side near the drainage where trash lorries always park. Freakin doesn't make my day.

4. KTM trains are my problem everytime I take it.I know driving is a good option, but parking around KL Sentral is not good at all. The KTM trains breaks down often , and when that happens... the train scheduled to come on the time u wish is canceled. This is worst when the station is packed! The next stop, the train that do come will be full of people that came from KL station. No chance to go in at all! HAve to wait for another stop!! Missed 2 stops and altogether waited for about 45 minutes!

5. This has bug me for quite a long time now, and it's about my friendship with this particular girl whom I've known for 6 and a half years. Well actuallyit's less than that cuz I dissapeared from her for 2 years in between. I admit that there are few times I fall for her during our friendship,she's beautiful, cheerful, good to talk to and caring. I stayed and remain as a friend as always knowing whether I have feelings for her or not. I dissapeared from her is because I couldn't stand being her different from how I knew her in school and having to see her in a relationship with a real jerk(smoker). Recently we got back together as friends again, I thought she was different from then...more mature, open and mindful in things. But I was really wrong, she's still the same...blur, clueless and still can't think for herself. She still loves another type of idiot, a very jealous type. But I didn't want to argue about her 'normal' taste in guys, so I told her that I want a renewed friendship where I will not develop any deeper feelings for her. But guess what? After that discussion, she decided to get a few pointers from a friend instead of her own and came with a conclusion that she felt her friendship got cheated(obviously hinting me). After all this time as I remained as a friend, or for her she considered me as a 'closer friend', she took all of that and slap it at my face.WOW. From then on, I don't give a fuck about her knowing thast it's not worth it anymore being her friend again.Don't worry, there won't be an 'again' the next time we meet. I now this topic will not dissapear from me, but it felt good to let it out.

6. I can't stand anonymous readers that drops by and kick you at the ass or bugs my favourite blogger, Cindy. WTF man, what's that all about? Do they have a life at all?? And not including the link so that I can have a real discussion with that person, what a fucking chickens. And comment on things which are not that important or unrelated , it's like they have real serious issues for minor things. And some of them are normaly childish idiots, I reckon is some of the forum readers in Low yat... so very manglish. Get a life or just suffer!

Ok, the people I tag :
1. Yvonne
2. Darren
3. Kathryn
4. Jen
5. Carrie
6. Rachel
7. Christopher
8. To anyone who want's to do this tag.

Happy tagging.

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