Friday, November 21, 2008

Flaws of Human Beings

Nothing in this life satisfy a soul of a human being. Everyone needs everything. Whether it's from food , to the joy of victory and to the need of another companion... they want it all. We are a race of human beings who are too complicated to understand....or maybe too simple and stubborn to change. An individual must have the joy or a satisfaction to complete something within them. But it never ends, it never does. There's no such thing as perfection in every person life as there will always be flaws in them . All their need, all their desire, all their satisfaction and all their's endless. Whether we die , it never stops.

We all need to find that thing we need to fullfill our desire, to complete the small part of our lives.But the most annoying thing is that most of them when they've pulled all their effort to have finally found something, it's not what they want at the end of that expression and they go look for another different thing . The need has a tendency of changing one person's mind from a calm and peaceful mind to a chaotic filled with a lot of uncertainties . There will always be something new, and a hungry pack appears. Those who thinks that they have everything felt like the've already owned the world. Human needs is dangerous if not controlled, it's like a hunger and it changes them.

I just came to realize that most of us are too stubborn to change things in us or unwilling to accept other people's fact but their own. To those who can see both sides in all things are open minded and willing to learn and understand, whether in goodness and in all the bad things. But to those who are one sided .... they are like a rock which soon will pile up and form in to a solid mountain. And it's pointless to try and move a mountain as we are not God himself. It's good to stand on your own opinion and the knowledge that you've gain, but one must also learn to listen to other's. The best way to deal with people who are one sided and who only sticks to their own ideology is to give them the joy and satisfaction of winning the conversation and let them go about in their own ways . It doesn't matter how hard you try, they won't move for you.

There are some human beings who wants to learn a lot of things and there will be some people who judge them for it. Judging them to why they need to learn it or they are unable to perfect that knowledge that they gain. These are the people who thinks that they themselves are the master of that knowledge or only know how to speak angry empty words because it bugs them that the other person know this knowledge. How can we ease their frustration? We can' matter how much we try to resolve with them, they are still holding up a knife on your throat. Best way again is to let them linger on with it. They always come up with things which doesn't relate to the topic, but do they care? As long as they can use it on the other person and hurt them, it's all the satisfaction that they need. But for some people, they intend to use the same tactic on them and the fight never ends, it becomes an endless battlefield which sometimes involve a third party or even a stranger in their ridiculous war. And the result is that everyone involved in it are scared from their own stupidity.

There are some who hurt people because they just want to. Because they see a flaw or a weakness in that person and they transform in to a tiger and pounced on that victim. Pointing out a small little detail and use it to their advantage. Why they do it?It's hard to tell... maybe because it bothers them so much or giving in to their emotions to do the thinking. And if those who defends the helpless will be their next target victim, it's like "If you stand in my way, you'll join him/her as well". Some thinks that those who defends them have a motive to get something in return like a reward, a reward meaning something ugly. Not all of them are like that... they just want to help, they just want to lend a hand. But the attacker refuse to believe it and stand by their own opinion. So they let them do or torture that person, as long as the helpless is not hurt, it's okay then.

Companionship, friendship.... it's meaningless if it's not treasured well. We all may find a friend or that special someone, but sometimes it's like a flower petal.... it drops one at a time and it then left with nothing. Sometimes, it breaks so fast... you don't even know how it happen.One can have friendship which is important and fills another part of our life. But a warning would be if they consider you as a close friend, the greatest friend of all....becareful as to anytime they can change their face. Same goes for a companion. He/she maybe the one that you've found.... but not all of them are sure of what they want and which leads to unloyalty or the need to have something different. Nothing last forever unless both of them are still holding each other's hand and it's unbreakable.

These are the only few things and flaws of a human being, I am too like them who have some of these flaws. But I'm pointing these out to make you realize what we are. But try to be open to all things in life, learn to control your emotions and your needs, do not break what you have and learn to treasure all things around you.


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gee, i love this post. very thoughtful /thumbs

johnny tai said...

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