Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Hate this Part right here....

1. Do you think you're Hot?
No....I think I'm awesome! >D

2. Upload your favourite picture of you

3. Why do you like that picture?
Because it's the picture of me and the gang being sakai together at starbucks, Taipan. Or maybe it's just me being the only sakai fella >P

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last week, my dad bought an itallian pizza...dunno what's the toping but it was really spicy!

5. The last song you listened to?
Pussycat Dolls : I hate this Part

6. What are you doing now besides this?
Playing WOW in the studio while checking blogs.

7. What name would you prefere besides yours?
I did wished for a different name when I was young, but now everyone knows me by Johnny, so I'm keeping it.

People to tag

- Kathryn
- Jen
- Isabel
- Yvonne
- Darren

8. Who is number one?
Someone I've met online, quite a straight forward person with a vast opinion of her own, can be quite harsh but she's good. A hybrid.

9. Number 3 is having a relationship with ?
I dunno...

10. Say something about number five
Cut your hair...

11. How about number four?
Faster do props! >D

12.Who is number two?
A sexy babe from Ipoh... she can really cook very very very delicious food, I want to try! >.<

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