Friday, March 28, 2008

My Fun Studio!

Ohh yeah!! Love my job man! I love....ermmm, like my colleagues..hehe. They are really bunch of cool people to hang out with and also team work was not a problem! Every time we go out for lunch , a few of us like to show signals to each other to look out for any hot business lady around Plaza Sentral!The studio consist of 5 Chinese guys, 8+1 malays, 3 indians, 1 korean and a Bosnian+German guy in our studio. THe numbers are just nice, we are quite comfortable at our work, We have milo prepared for us!We have alot of cups , alot of forks and spoons, a fridge to keep our drinks cool, a water dispenser.... although, we are waiting for the few following items:

1.52inch LCD tv on the wall
2.XBOX 360
3.few comfortable chairs and sofas
4.Pool Table

Is it a little too much?Ahahaha....all of these can be acquired when we sell our game to the publishers in US, can't tell too much. So we are working really hard for our goal!! GO GO, TEAM!

Anyway, yesterday we were too lazy to walk out from our Studio for lunch, so.... we ordered Domino's PIZZA!!! And the delivery was really fast! Just order through online and 20 mins later, they are here!!! >D

DOmino's Pizza , Paperroni!!

Look how cheeeezey my pizza looks!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CIMB premiere night

Yesterday night I went out for a ,well...this is really complicating to explain. I got invited to the CIMB premiere night at 1 Utama One World hotel, guess what...I'm not part of CIMB! Ahahaha...I'm actually filling the sit for my friend who was not able to go because he had last minute event, and he paid for it!He was supposed to attend the dinner together with Regine and her parents because they are all part of it. So, Regine called me from my work and invited me to attend on my friend's behalf.

So anyway, the Premiere Night is actually an Award Winning event that the CIMB have every year and according to Regine, the costume event comes along with it because every year it's a different theme. So this year it's called 'Glorious Athens!'. Now if I get this correctly...those who got awarded and receive the qualification award from CIMB , will be flying over to Athen ....I think, for further business, or a Holiday trip or maybe something else. I don't know all this things because I'm the only artist in that event!Kinda weird!

Anyway, the event was great...the food was good, get to know abit about Regine's parents, saw alot of ppl in their costumes ... took picture of them and watched all of their performance . I like the singer who sings at the stage, he is Regine's mum's friend, a higher ranking guy in CIMB. He is damn good in singing wehh! The way he sings is like the mixture of the Tom Jones vocal tone and the Josh Groban vocal controlling!Superb! Had a great night with Regine and the parents. I should thank my friend for the free dinner he belanja me! HAHA!! >D

me and regine

Costume award giving

Regine taking picture with her phone more canggih than mine >(.

She actually looks beatiful from this picture.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A survey?

Okay, I'm gonna start a new hobby from now on. Every time when I go to my old Friendster account and see that there's a lot of survey in the Bulletin Board(especially when most of them always about love~) I'm gonna take it and make it silly! Sounds fun right? Because it's so boring that people that post those survey, survey~, they make it sound so dovey~ sometimes abit dramatic. I mean, there's no good spark in it! It need some spices in it!So, if nobody is doing it, I'll do it!Keep checking in my blog cuz I'm gonna collect more of them and do them (sounds so wrong).

1. What's the connection between you
and the last person that called you?
(yerr...boringnya the question,dang..)
No connection, duwan to connect lar with that girl, surely every time always lags me alot wan!(Hopefully she doesn't read this.

2. Do you ever turn your cell phone
YEah, when my mum calls...and I'll tell her at home "Iyohh... sorry ar, my phone 'mati' when u called"

3. What happened at 10:00 am today?
What normal adults do at your ass off and pray for great blessing (actually, pray for Financial fountain on me!! ME!! ME!!!!!....Amen)

4. When did you last smoke?
The moment I step on to the damn road.STUPID CARS!!STUPID LORI!WHY CAN'T U GUYS USE 'LIGHT' FOR YOUR DAMN SMOKE FOR ONCE!!?? U create so many 2nd hand smokers here!!

5. What is your favorite thing to eat
with peanut butter?
.....more peanut butter! =D

6. What do you want in your life right

7. Do you carry an umbrella when it
rains, or just put up your hood?
umbrellas are for sissies!! What you need is a Speedo and Goggles!

8.Do you wear Crocs?
Nop, but I do wear socks, wow....rhymes,rapping~ ( huh!?? Ehh!??? harr!!???)

9. What do you smell like?
What do you think!!!???? Why do you think that people who wakes up in the morning who goes to work NEED to take a bath!!?? I smell like a man, thank u.

10. What's your favorite Gatorade
A what what what??

11. Whats your favorite thing to have
on your bed?
ME!!! The moment he is on the bed, all Hell breaks loose.

12. What bottoms are you wearing?
Ooo...would you like to know~? I'm wearing something which keeps my little bunch of savings in a deposit box called Standard Protective Existing None Detachable Economical Resources, S.P.E.N.D.E.R.

13. What's the nicest text in your
inbox say?
"Hey,Baldy!What's going on~ up there??" =D ( I have a friend who has a shiny head )

14. Do you tend to make relationships
Why should I when the 1st time I make contact with a girl, it's already complicated!

15. Are you wearing anything you
borrowed from someone?
If I do, they won't see it again.

16. What was the last movie you went
to see?
The movie which got the last in Box office films.

17. Do you have Justin Timberlake
music on your iPod?
NOp. I did saw an old man name 'Justin' who walk by me carrying 'timber' wood and did a little dancing until suddenly he fell into the Subang 'Lake' after he heard the music called"Sexyback~!" *blink blink*(huh???)

18. Do you live near your ex
Nop,if I am...I would go over to her house and shout out "Your boyfriend is a jerk!"

19. Can you sleep in jeans?
Oh please~ If I can sleep in pyjamas...of course I can sleep in jeans! (eh?)

20. Are you a cuddler?
Well...yes I am~ All who needs to have a try....u know where to call me ;)

21. When is the most memorable date?
1st March 2008. That's the day I brought Jasmin Lim out for a dinner date and we had a thing going on which is called the 'Talk' and we get it down with the cheezie and the icy creamy.

22. Something you just don't
Why did God created Mosquitoes!!??(from a friend which I totally agree)

23. Where were you on July 4th, 2007?
I was at home celebrating Independence day.

24. What does the last text message
you received say?
"Eh? U so free ar message me in the morning, sorry ar that I didn't reply back, I went out to Pavilion . Ofcourse I good girl la, I study alot ler.

25. What did you reply?
Hah!!?? Study~~??? Pavilion?? Girl, u can't do two things at the same time. 90% chance that clothes and sales would be the 1st in your mind.Your mind is weak when it comes to beautiful dresses 20% off~

26. Who was the last person you were
in a car with that is under 20?
Pope pope Jacky the PAK!

27. What is the last thing someone
bought you?
Nasi Lemak!Muh good friend at work. But if he doesn't buy for me...he is my enemy!

28. When was the last time you saw
number 3 on your top friends?
I don't even know who's my number 1!!!!

29. Will you kiss the last person you
kissed again?
WHY? Not good enough ka? Want those chubby cheeks to be red , is it?

30. Do you trust people easily?
Oh yeah, I trust them with all my life.... "throw this trash for me please, thanks!" >)

31. Do you say "dawg"?
Oo....sounds cool! DAWG!

32. What are you proud of?
I'm proud that I'm able to have the emotion called 'Pride'.

33. Have you ever dated someone named
Nop, but I've dated his girlfriend name Eve.

34. Who was last to cook for you?
the cook?

35. Who was the last to call your cell?
my other cells in my body?Which flows through my body?They have teamwork!

36. Who was the last person you called?
Oh... the pole? She's so thin that another girl could do a pole dancing on her.( that's what my friend says)To me, she is the lamest girl I have ever made friend with since we were in high school. We do the big 'L' word with a q stick.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My local favourite celebrity , HANNAH TAN! =D

Okay, actually to say that I'm like a new fan to her ever since I saw her in TV for animax and also this months FHM issue! She's at the front cover and she looks insanely beautiful!So different from the TV animax where she is the host. I gotta say that she is beautiful , really beautiful for a Malaysian. And she not only have the beauty, this babe has the whole package of what a real idol should be! She's got the beauty, she's got the brains and she's got great talent in singing!Oh I forgot, she can race cars too....she doesn't just pose beside a cool car, she takes it out for a drift as well! Believe me, this girl has got all the stuff that any guys would want to have as a girlfriend. Dang! If only I get to know her and try my luck (even though she's 5 years older than me).Guess what? SHe's from Penang!! Woo Hoo!! GO PENANG LANG~! XD

More about Hannah Tan, she's well known as the host of the Asian anime show called Animax. She also can be seen in few other photo shoots.She does modelling, she's a graduate and a top student in computer science, she's a good singer and dancer. She holds the titles of pageant queen, ex-state sprinter, singer-songwriter,TV host and an Ambassador for the World Congress on Information and Technology 2008 (WCIT). She's got her own music album...should be out in stores (gonna find it and buy it....but need to be next month +P). She was voted as FHM’s 100 sexiest women in 2005. 2nd Runner up in the 2002 Miss Global Petite World Final in Montreal .Hannah acquired her first music Diploma at the age of 13 and has also appeared alongside Hong Kong star Karen Mok in a popular Lux TV commercial besides other advertisements for Nescafe, Maybeline, Maxis, among others (info by blog.etc)

Hannah Tan without a doubt is one of the most multi-talented celebrity here in Malaysia, unless there's others ...but no others can actually compete with this girl who has the whole package.HANNAH TAN the brand is a perfect representation of style, substance, sophistication and supremacy combined. I'm all up for Hannah Tan! Woo hoo!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Working station...And my dog! =D

This is my 2nd update at the place I work at E-One studio ,hehe... From my previous entries I had last year, you've already seen how my table is like. Now, there's been alot of organizing and job distribution given...more work included . So the stress level is kicking in slowly. SO! I've changed my place to somewhere near the window, and with new cool stuff on my desk!
here's my comfortable chair~ Love the window. And I like the spacing at my place.

My 22inch Samsung LCD screen!Awesome! (originally the place I am right not was from my former Studio manager's, but now he has left....I take his place! (as in the working station, not the position). Originally I had another Samsung LCD monitor from my old work station which is the old 17 inch LCD monitor....but my boss wants me to have only one because it's unfair. >( *pfft*

My wacom tablet use only for texturing purposes.

Oh, my two gundam models. GUndam Leopard and Gundam Heavy -Arms custom. I read story books sometimes if I have the time. Normaly I read while I'm in the train. Bottle for drinking.

Yeah, I bring my own drinks and breakfast...easier.I had no use for the telephone because I'm not authorised to use it....probably I should give it to the coordinator.(Nyeheheh)

And finally....I also have a small movable desk beside my working station. It's handy to put my bag on top and my concept art works inside the drawers.

Oh , I just found this photo in one of my photo library and felt like posting it up. Meet my dog, Nicky! He is 13 years old by this coming April . Our first dog originally from my Uncle who bought him alongside with his sister Rustin, and they were cared by my uncle and his children until one day they've decided to give him to us and they keep the sister (because she is smaller than him...a pure pumeranian).Oh! I forgot.... my dog is a hybrid. He is a mix of Pumeranian and Spitz. As you can see the picture below here, he loves Christmas....(who doesn't??) because when there's gifts wrapped in wrapping papers, he is the shredder. And he knows that we bought a doll for him to rip it to pieces(see the monkey by the Christmas tree?).>)


Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 8 Election

March 8 was the greatest day for our country, the day where we vote for our country.And guess what? We've done it! We've done our part and we did it! We've made the greatest election history in Malaysia. My hometown Penang is saved! DAP got the majority seats in there, and Selangor falls into opposition's hands! BN ( barisan Nasional) was only able to get few of the states in Malaysia . I have a good feeling about this change that is gonna happen in our country, I thank God for allowing a change in our nation to allow it to grow properly! Malaysia BOleh!