Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CIMB premiere night

Yesterday night I went out for a ,well...this is really complicating to explain. I got invited to the CIMB premiere night at 1 Utama One World hotel, guess what...I'm not part of CIMB! Ahahaha...I'm actually filling the sit for my friend who was not able to go because he had last minute event, and he paid for it!He was supposed to attend the dinner together with Regine and her parents because they are all part of it. So, Regine called me from my work and invited me to attend on my friend's behalf.

So anyway, the Premiere Night is actually an Award Winning event that the CIMB have every year and according to Regine, the costume event comes along with it because every year it's a different theme. So this year it's called 'Glorious Athens!'. Now if I get this correctly...those who got awarded and receive the qualification award from CIMB , will be flying over to Athen ....I think, for further business, or a Holiday trip or maybe something else. I don't know all this things because I'm the only artist in that event!Kinda weird!

Anyway, the event was great...the food was good, get to know abit about Regine's parents, saw alot of ppl in their costumes ... took picture of them and watched all of their performance . I like the singer who sings at the stage, he is Regine's mum's friend, a higher ranking guy in CIMB. He is damn good in singing wehh! The way he sings is like the mixture of the Tom Jones vocal tone and the Josh Groban vocal controlling!Superb! Had a great night with Regine and the parents. I should thank my friend for the free dinner he belanja me! HAHA!! >D

me and regine

Costume award giving

Regine taking picture with her phone more canggih than mine >(.

She actually looks beatiful from this picture.

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