Friday, March 28, 2008

My Fun Studio!

Ohh yeah!! Love my job man! I love....ermmm, like my colleagues..hehe. They are really bunch of cool people to hang out with and also team work was not a problem! Every time we go out for lunch , a few of us like to show signals to each other to look out for any hot business lady around Plaza Sentral!The studio consist of 5 Chinese guys, 8+1 malays, 3 indians, 1 korean and a Bosnian+German guy in our studio. THe numbers are just nice, we are quite comfortable at our work, We have milo prepared for us!We have alot of cups , alot of forks and spoons, a fridge to keep our drinks cool, a water dispenser.... although, we are waiting for the few following items:

1.52inch LCD tv on the wall
2.XBOX 360
3.few comfortable chairs and sofas
4.Pool Table

Is it a little too much?Ahahaha....all of these can be acquired when we sell our game to the publishers in US, can't tell too much. So we are working really hard for our goal!! GO GO, TEAM!

Anyway, yesterday we were too lazy to walk out from our Studio for lunch, so.... we ordered Domino's PIZZA!!! And the delivery was really fast! Just order through online and 20 mins later, they are here!!! >D

DOmino's Pizza , Paperroni!!

Look how cheeeezey my pizza looks!

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