Saturday, March 15, 2008

My local favourite celebrity , HANNAH TAN! =D

Okay, actually to say that I'm like a new fan to her ever since I saw her in TV for animax and also this months FHM issue! She's at the front cover and she looks insanely beautiful!So different from the TV animax where she is the host. I gotta say that she is beautiful , really beautiful for a Malaysian. And she not only have the beauty, this babe has the whole package of what a real idol should be! She's got the beauty, she's got the brains and she's got great talent in singing!Oh I forgot, she can race cars too....she doesn't just pose beside a cool car, she takes it out for a drift as well! Believe me, this girl has got all the stuff that any guys would want to have as a girlfriend. Dang! If only I get to know her and try my luck (even though she's 5 years older than me).Guess what? SHe's from Penang!! Woo Hoo!! GO PENANG LANG~! XD

More about Hannah Tan, she's well known as the host of the Asian anime show called Animax. She also can be seen in few other photo shoots.She does modelling, she's a graduate and a top student in computer science, she's a good singer and dancer. She holds the titles of pageant queen, ex-state sprinter, singer-songwriter,TV host and an Ambassador for the World Congress on Information and Technology 2008 (WCIT). She's got her own music album...should be out in stores (gonna find it and buy it....but need to be next month +P). She was voted as FHM’s 100 sexiest women in 2005. 2nd Runner up in the 2002 Miss Global Petite World Final in Montreal .Hannah acquired her first music Diploma at the age of 13 and has also appeared alongside Hong Kong star Karen Mok in a popular Lux TV commercial besides other advertisements for Nescafe, Maybeline, Maxis, among others (info by blog.etc)

Hannah Tan without a doubt is one of the most multi-talented celebrity here in Malaysia, unless there's others ...but no others can actually compete with this girl who has the whole package.HANNAH TAN the brand is a perfect representation of style, substance, sophistication and supremacy combined. I'm all up for Hannah Tan! Woo hoo!

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