Friday, March 14, 2008

The Working station...And my dog! =D

This is my 2nd update at the place I work at E-One studio ,hehe... From my previous entries I had last year, you've already seen how my table is like. Now, there's been alot of organizing and job distribution given...more work included . So the stress level is kicking in slowly. SO! I've changed my place to somewhere near the window, and with new cool stuff on my desk!
here's my comfortable chair~ Love the window. And I like the spacing at my place.

My 22inch Samsung LCD screen!Awesome! (originally the place I am right not was from my former Studio manager's, but now he has left....I take his place! (as in the working station, not the position). Originally I had another Samsung LCD monitor from my old work station which is the old 17 inch LCD monitor....but my boss wants me to have only one because it's unfair. >( *pfft*

My wacom tablet use only for texturing purposes.

Oh, my two gundam models. GUndam Leopard and Gundam Heavy -Arms custom. I read story books sometimes if I have the time. Normaly I read while I'm in the train. Bottle for drinking.

Yeah, I bring my own drinks and breakfast...easier.I had no use for the telephone because I'm not authorised to use it....probably I should give it to the coordinator.(Nyeheheh)

And finally....I also have a small movable desk beside my working station. It's handy to put my bag on top and my concept art works inside the drawers.

Oh , I just found this photo in one of my photo library and felt like posting it up. Meet my dog, Nicky! He is 13 years old by this coming April . Our first dog originally from my Uncle who bought him alongside with his sister Rustin, and they were cared by my uncle and his children until one day they've decided to give him to us and they keep the sister (because she is smaller than him...a pure pumeranian).Oh! I forgot.... my dog is a hybrid. He is a mix of Pumeranian and Spitz. As you can see the picture below here, he loves Christmas....(who doesn't??) because when there's gifts wrapped in wrapping papers, he is the shredder. And he knows that we bought a doll for him to rip it to pieces(see the monkey by the Christmas tree?).>)


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