Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Portrait of Life

I found my answer to my problem. All this time I keep on asking God why I'm here for, is there a purpose, why I endure this and that. I've been looking up at the signs and hints every where which only trims down to 1 simple word....and that word is Life.

Life is like a very general thing, it could mean anything. And I can sometimes get impatient when it comes to waiting. But now it has been pin pointed down to a clearer definition now thanks to a special person who has help me alot. After hearing her inspiration story of her life, I finally understand it. I finally found the answer....I just need to keep at it.

Here's what I learn, each of us are created very differently even though some of us are related, siblings or twins. Each of our life is a different concept of a story, a very different portrait. You just need to explore yourself and picture it out what it is.You're probably thinking why does it matter right? Well, it might help or inspire other people as well...can never know,right?

Mine is an image of a car driving on a clear highway all the way to it's destination.

Let me explain,I will always take the most clearer road or those that not many people would take . I always like to take an alternate way and easier to be able to achieve what I want or convenient for me. I mean, if you can find an alternate route to lead u to the same place and it's faster, why not right? Easy way doesn't always mean that the task is easy, it'll be difficult...but shorter time and no need to rush. When I find that a certain solution to solve a problem is always so difficult, I will try my best to find the fastest solution that saves cost and time. But ofcourse, if there isn't any...take your time, keep to the old road till you find a new one. Patience is a virtue.

And not many people know this, but I don't drive fast. Only when I want to cut people. That's how it is in my life. I'm not in the hurry to reach for that'll eventually come to me, I just need the focus and the patience for it. What happens when u speed on the highway? when shit happens how? terrible things happen and you'll be in coma or worst. That's how it is for me, if I'm impatient...I'll never get it or I'll loose the opportunity. And always drive safely and try to follow the rules. No point keep on breaking the law and get caught and rendering you useless to achieve what you want. If I drive like a be it! Don't you know that the turtle wins the race? haha.

So that's what my portrait is. A clear smooth highway for me to drive on 80-90 km/h to reach my destination within like maybe 15-20min? comparing to Federal highway in the morning?

Now all I have to do, is to keep on driving on a clearer road. Don't drive fast or do stupid things to piss off other people, keep ur eyes on the road...focus, stay safe and eventually you'll reach ur destination in time.

I thank the one person who has help me finding the answer, I really thank you've inspired me greatly =).