Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Night of Madagascar 2 premiere!

Last night I had a blast at Mid Valley, watched Madagascar 2 with christopher , his friend and Tim. If u had read the old post about the Madagascar competition, I am. I had my ticket, met up with Cindy, snap some photos together and went in and enjoy the show!Still waiting for the rest of the photos from Cindy. Post it up, Cindy!I wanna see! >D

The movie is good, really good. Alot of funny scenes especially the penguins! their hijaking, pure genius and very strategize!And Mort (furry little cute guy) was all weird and scary!

From a 3d Artist perspective of the show, I think the render of the environment is good. I was quite attracted to the backdrop composition , the environment which they manage to capture the feel of Africa but a little more of paradise looking. Their animation is as cartoonishly funny as always and the mood and lighting (Vray) and all is great. Modelling I can tell is not much , just alot of duplicationg and project different sets of animation for the back characters. The environment model I can tell are quite a few like the sligshot take off, the paradise in Africa, the plains, the crash site, the jungle of Africa , the beach, and the Volcano.This number for an animation is considered as a good amount and they did a good job on the details and the usage of good specular map on the environment.

Rating >>>> 4/5

Story could still be interesting >P.

Cindy and ...Voon, I think...ahaha, and the far right is Eri. We're all bloggers btw but that's not important. What's important is that I had a great time watching Madagascar 2 and get to snap photos with Cindy! 1st Malaysian Dreamgilr weh! And I've been following her blog for almost 2 years now.

Feels really great to be next to her , ahaha!Remember my name ar!

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