Thursday, November 29, 2007

My December.

December, ahhhhh....the blessed month. Alot of things are happening on December.....Youth Camp, Christmas Eve, Christmas and also New Year's Eve. Not to mention , there's alot of things I need to buy too on December. Let me list down my December's plan.

- Buy Hellgate London(PC Game)!
- Get my Wisdom tooth extracted.
- Get the Transformer's 2008 calender.
- Buy some accessories for my car.
- Hang out with the Sakai friends.
- Prepare for Youth Camp which is on 10th-13th December.
- Buy presents.
- Celebrate Christmas Eve at Tim's house (LAMB!!)
- Celebrate Christmas in Church and with my family.
- Celebrate New Year's Eve in church.

<<> oh Santa Rina, I want an XBOX360 for Christmas~ @. @ >>

Well, I guess it's not much of a list....but I'm excited! Especially about Hellgate London! maybe gonna buy Time shift as well.But I'm not very thrill about getting my wisdom tooth extracted. Oh well...can't wait!

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