Thursday, November 8, 2007

My best Friend's birthday party!

Last Saturday on 3rd November 2007 was my best friends birthday party.Dude, finally you're a man! Wahahaha!! Welcome to the club!He's actual birthday is on 2nd November , the party was held at Restaurant Charisma in ss6 ( i think). So in my part, I help to create the video about Timothy and also be the MC for the night ( a last minute decision by Tim's mom...ahaha, but it was okay ). It was kinda hard on that week to make the video cuz I got alot of stuff to do at my side. So I took the time to make the video on Friday b4 cell and on Saturday.

Sigh, Saturday...b4 the party starts, I felt like my whole energy was drained out. I spent the whole morning compiling the pictures and choosing the music, then have to quickly drive to pick up Chris (another of my best friend) to go to Sunway Pyramid to buy his presents and that was around 2pm. Later when we reach there, Tim's mum called and said we have to hand in the video by 3.30pm. Wahh!! Not enough time lo... choosing tie , buying wrapping paper already like 30 minutes plus...and have to buy lunch summore at 1901. Drive all the way back to my apartment and put in Chris's picture in the video. When we finish, it was around almost 4pm plus! We called Tim's mum, luckily they extend the time to 4.30pm.

So everything was all done, I drop Chris at his place so that he can get ready and I go back to do the same. Later at 6.30pm, I drove off to pick up a friend of mine name Regine (picture below) because she doesn't know her way around there. I arrive at her place and I waited for about 10mins...biasa la she ( you knowla...girls sometimes take so long to prepare =P ) ,So I read the bible which happen to be in my car while waiting for her.Chee wah... so good, hor?.We took off to the restaurant.... and we did some catching up on the way there because it's been so long I've not talk to her. Alot of our lives have been going through alot of changes over the past few months.

Anyway....back to the party, I arrived there and I and also Chris help out in setting up the projectors and stuff for the video , Regine help out in the balloons and also the rest doing the same. Alot of people came, but not many of my high school friends...sigh, biasa la those people, always got last minute plans.My church members decided to present a song to Tim after the video presentation, a really damn weird song (abit gay when I sang that song)... and just so happens, the Birthday boy arrived!So much for practicing the song. The party started at 8.30pm. The food was delicious! Especially the lasagna which there's lamb inside (Yummy!!) and the....tomato soup. The drink was good, Regine kept asking me whether it's Punch or not because it has this weird taste in it ( Actually got other reason also she ask, ahaha....scared get tipsy =P).

After the dinner, we proceed on to the video. I would post up the video here if I want to, but scared that Timothy will kill me only. ANyway...I'll just briefly tell what the video is. The video is a compilation of all the pictures from since he was small baby to his present look right now =D!. The music is The dancersl on the ice from March of the penguins and Keep on Movin from 5ive. I put in the funny pictures at the end.... looks good with the music. It was all good, it went well....I was a little shaken as an MC, then we presented the song. Earlier I said it was a damn weird song because it is mar. It's a very cute music where the 1st line is ' You're my hunny bump,sugar plump.... yummy yummy etc etc', I can't remember the whole lyrics. But when I sing it, it feels weird to sing it to my best friend.

So after that is the speech and all and we finish the night with the birthday cake. I actually accidentally end it early and forgotten about the cake, really to be an MC. I don't year is either Chris or Regine's turn, Muahahah! The cake was good, 4 seasons! Ahahaha. So b4 we left, we took pictures and videos and we all went back ( not all at once la). Me and regine went to mamak cuz I myself didn't had enough and it's really late, supper time. Well are the very few pictures during that night. =)Timothy,Regine and Me during the party.

Me and Regine.

Regine , what a pretty picture....Muahahah!! >)

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It i hadn't read, I would've thought it was regine's birthday