Monday, September 24, 2007

Suzanne's Birthday Party.

On Sunday was Suzanne's 21'st Birthday party (After so long, finally a woman!).Suzanne is a friend from my high school, although I don't really know her that well... but through Timothy and Regine's birthday party last year, I was able to know her a little bit. Me,Timothy, Regine and her boyfriend went to her birthday party.B4 then, we went to pyramid and buy for Suzanne a box set of fragrance from The Body shop.Then we get ready and waited at Regine's house (Regine's house is a few steps away from Suzanne's place).Her church members surprised her at her house, we missed it though but it was Okay. We all then head of to the real location of the party which is in on of the Church member's bungalow house located in ss18. My car was left at the park the whole night =(.

But It was great during the party.... get to meet her church friends quite we, some I've known from Ninjutsu club (thank goodness, I thought I was gonna die of boredom).Oh, we met our,Kevin who is our prefect senior from our high school who is also in the same church as Suzanne. The food was great, the fruit salad was nice ( better than Regine's sister's fruit salad =P) and the sausage was awesome. Although Suzanne keeps putting more food on the table for us to finish, Timothy was all stuffed up by Suzanne. Me and Regine's bf was able to think of a clever way to get out +D.

So we all had our meal , and then began the events. The 1st event was the showreel about her . Nice pictures of her and her friends and also her boyfriend ( Trying to be very photogenic in every picture she's in it. ) It was sweet and nice. Then the next event is the dressed up show down where she dress up in 4 types. Check out below :

The Cool version of Suzanne.... she has this weird way of break dancing & 'hipping' .

Ermm....well, I can't make this out, but I think she's washing herself while singing "You are my only sunshine" I guess this is how she baths .

The old woman version of Suzanne.....TImothy's idea, here u can see Suzanne trying to pummel him using .....something fake.

And this is the.......geeky version of Suzanne .There's always one in all of us =D. Nice eye brows =P.

The performance was good, her friends was right..... she's good in singing, dancing and acting. After that came the Daring game. Alot of dares she did, quite oklarr ...not so much fun compared to the earlier event.So after cutting the bear shape cake and eat it. Me, Regine and her BF bid farewell to the birthday 'woman'. We had a blast and I hope she did too...... yeah, I think she had a great time. Good luck in whatever you're doing right now and God bless you, Su! =D

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