Monday, September 17, 2007

My work life. +)

My 1st official blog entry,(the one before is just an intro) And I'm just gonna write about my daily working area. I'm working as a 3D artist in E-One Studio Sdn.Bhd located in Plaza Sentral building, quite near to KL sentral... takes about 5 minutes of walk from the train station. I don't drive to work, it'll be crazy because I get out like 6pm something. So taking the train is easier...although sometimes it depends on the crowd.Not bad actually, sometimes while waiting ...I can get to spot some pretty hot bussiness women. +P
Anyway, back to the topic.
Yes, this is my working area in E-One studio, a little bit messy though but not compared to Yvonne's working place. hehehe xP. So what do I normaly do here? Well, of course I work.... dun bother about the monitor.I was playing a game but it was during a break time. I'm allowed to play games ( well..duh, a game design studio) as long as I get the job done , as in my assignments given and stuff like that. It's not really that tough now, I'm currently doing sub level design concept for the game. But it sure does used up a lot of my brain power to think of a concept. But it's gonna be really interesting and fun (hopefully *fingers crossing*) because a lot of interesting ideas are put in to this game we are developing now.
Besides that, I normaly surf the net ,listening to music,watch some movies or clips to keep me distracted. And yes, I need distraction when it comes to work. I've inherited my eldest sister's habit.But the thing is, some words or scene could suddenly give me an idea on what I can put in my concept drawings!But I still need more though, playing games helps me to understand their concept elements and I'll try to do something better than what they did in the game. Something that not many have seen b4 , which is normal and needed in most of the game...something new.

I'm gonna post up some of my drawings I've done during college time and you're welcome to leave a comment. =)

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