Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friends may come and go, but the memories stays eternal.

Few hours ago I had a great night and I thought it was gonna be my another regular weekend. I had a blast from my past meeting old faces from my high school, and people do change alot. Supposingly this night I had to choose to go either 3 of the places to spend the night, Kok Keong's birthday party, my church Lantern night festival and Kelly Thorn's birthday party. So the 1st option I picked was to go for Kok Keong's(high school friend) birthday party at his house.

Went there, makan.... met people, met someone who has change enormously ...some have not,my back door neighbour was there , not many pretty girls....Sigh. TImothy who is my best friend from high school and church went to Kok Keong's party as well, and I thought it would be Ok, . But dang man, he chit chat with other guys and a girl about online games which I'm not so interested at.Plus with Tien Ming around (Kok Keong's cousin) ....I dun think it would be a good idea to stick around the guy's mouth is only made for flirting and to hentam ppl .I'll just kena more from that guy only if I stay any longer .So I didn't ....If I did, it'll be dead boring. Plus, surely they all will go to Cyber cafe which I'm not willing to spend my money on.

So I wish Kok keong his birthday and bid my farewells to him and drove straight to church for the lantern night festival. When I reached there, they were playing games...creating lanterns. So I was there as a spectator but met up with Chris and his sis. Chat with them and then chat with Rainbow who came later than me from her house! Ehehehe... lazy la her. Had a great time, chatting with her , that camera shy girl..... need to take about 8 shots until can get a perfect shot of her face, sigh.... weird. Chris suggested that after we're done at church, we still got time to visit Kelly's birthday party..... after doing some cleaning up 1st at the church.

I drove back to my house to park my car and Chris pick me up and off to Kelly's house. At her place... we met alot of old faces that we've not seen for a long time,Santose, Joel, Ashvin, Tarrand, Hamzah, Nadiah, Kah poh and Brian except for Nadiah and Ashvin. Dang, some of my old friends who were there changed alot! Joel who was my form 1 classmate is now pretty build up! And he have a deep tone voice (I guess that's for being too Arnold Schwazenegger). When I say hie to Kelly, you know what was the 1st name she called me? (she forgot my name!!)SHe called me Chuen Hong!!CHai Chuen Hong! Atleast it's not Lim Jian Min or some other dude's name. Adoi~...... I like so upset because she's my classmates for form 1 and form 4. I gave her alot of hints and she still couldn't guessed it, sigh.... sad life. Atleast Nadiah remembers..... the longest person I've known since standard 6 . Good friend good friend, handsome!

Later more faces came, after chatting with them and all.....they've changed alot....most of them are working like me! Most of the guys who had bad ass attitude in school have changed to hardworking students to a working ppl in a big companies. So this proves that it doesn't matter what IQ level or what scores you get during high school days, it's whether you're able to achieve alot of things and get to the top compared to others. They've improved alot in terms of lifestyle and portfolios!Amazing....So , it was getting late and we bid our farewells to Kelly. Chris still can eat after a meal a Kelly's place ( must be not enough I guess) So we head off at Tanjung in USJ 9, and guess what? Somehow we predicted that we'll meet more old faces....and we did!

Khai ROn, Sze Han and Kit Wayne came to tanjung to yum cha as well. Wow....kit wayne looks neat and his eyes looks okay now (last time he had a fight and had an accident where a piece of his glasses cut the area near his right eye) So, they too were doing great... and one of them changed. Khai Ron who was a smart and a good friend now wears glasses and smokes . He never smoke during high school days, he's those decent type of guys who won't smoke at all. But I guess years in college have passed changed all that. Hanged out with Sze Han and Kit wayne too much I guess.

Ahahaha was great, can't wait to tell Timothy what we've experienced that he couldn't get to. =P

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