Saturday, May 2, 2009

I got kicked out.

Yes, I got kicked out....from my dreamland.

I came back around 1.30am from playing pool and yum cha with my friends, so around 2am I put myself to sleep. I struggle to focus my body and mind to enter in to a deep sleep and begin my journey back to my dreamworld which I can't remember much.

The moment I was about to enter, I have this vivid image and a slight sound that there's like a buzzing sound and a loud thunderclap (it's raining at that time) and a sign pops up and tells me this " Please Come back later " ... the next thing I know, my eyes open....i tried to go back to sleep but it won't work. Fuck.

I have to sleep, I have to wake up early to go to church because I'm on duty in the worship team.

Arrghh..screw it, gonna play World of Warcraft till my body begs me to sleep.

Unbelievable =_____="

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