Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's Up!? 0,o

Heyya'All! ( ok..that doesn't rhyme) What's happening? Here's what's been going on lately and what I've been doing:

1. I've been busy trying to do extra work at home 3d Modelling some characters for me to work on the animation, the bummer part is everytime I come back from's so hard to open up 3dsMax in my computer ( cuz I've been doing my work in 3dsMax from 9-6pm every weekdays!) But atleast i'VE started somewhere.

2. I've been playing this new game which I kinda regret buying it and so not worth it man. The game is called Aion : Tower of Eternity. My friend keeps telling me "Damn good wehh!Better than WOW(world of warcraft)!". So I just thought of trying it out since it just release. Now, the game cost about Rm179 if u buy the limited edition, it's almost around Rm340? The game comes along with the 30days try out. So I thought it would be okay, the game is not out in stores yet I think, I have to go straight to the distributor in Klang Bukit Bintang and get one. I got the game, now....what I didn't know is order for me to create the account and activate the game = I have to pick how I'm going to pay, so I picked time card.....guess what, I have to get that time card in order to activate it...and it comes in 2 months for RM100....I was like " WHAT!?It says here 30 days free try!I have to get a time card to validate my payment method!? WTF?" So I end up paying all together about Rm280 wehhh.

Garhh....but it's ok anyway since I don't have to reload till December. But friend is wrong, the game is boring! It's just exactly like Lineage II,'s the same people who did it! The only reason why they say it's better than World of Warcraft is because that players can fly( only at certain areas with duration of time) And the rest of the gameplay is just the same as World of Warcraft... The artworks and concept design seems just look beautiful and detailed....but not breathtaking (weird,right?) It's just....dull -__- not quite realistic to say and everything seems to be so expensive. The equipment gears outlook is not random like World of Warcraft, so other players won't feel curious to what equipment u have because your look is just the same as theirs, only maybe after 10 levels the equipment look a lil different.

Battle system seems ok except for one wouldn't know which creature is elite and which creature is not. Now, Elite in World of Warcraft means that they are same level as the normal creeps but way stronger and harder for you to kill, most likely have to be in a group to kill them. Elites can only be in certain areas, a boss or in a dungeon/raid areas. But this, has no indication whether it's an elite or not. So you get killed and u're spawned back from the save point (not the nearest graveyard and claim back your body method like WOW). The monsters look like crap to me seriously. It's not as unique or interesting like WOW. So those of you who are WOW players and want to try Aion Tower of Eternity....DON'T!! U're gonna waste your money if you do! It's nothing like WOW! For the rest who feel like play another Lineage II game, here's the game for you. You get to experience the Asian version of World of Warcraft....just that only 2 race kind of a game =\

3. Been looking up through a few games that I plan to get, and next mid of the month Left 4 Dead 2 is coming in stores. Now alot of gamers are kinda pissed about this because the 1st game Left 4 Dead only released like 9 months ago and suddenly Left 4 Dead 2 gonna release soon, and plus it's not a downloadable content. So, players have to buy another game for it or pay+download through STEAM. Oh well, can't blame Valve if they want to make big money right?

Anyway, this game has extra more features compared to the 1st game. Features like:
a. All new characters
b.All new weapons
c. Adding melee weapons (fire axe, guitar, frying pan, baseball bat)
d.Adding additional ammo types (fire ammo)
e.Additional special infected creatures ( Charger,jackal, Spitter)
f. All new maps
g. Day/Night gameplay
h. New game modes
i. A different level of playing.

So after seeing through all this features, I'm gonna go for it and buy the game. You guys should try it too then we can have more people here and host our own games and BLOW SOME MINDLESS ZOMBIE BRAINS!!! GARHH!!!

So again, to quote with my lvl 76 Blood Elf Death Knight in World of Warcraft! :

Thank U and have a nice day everyrone :)

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