Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 baby!!

Good riddens! 2009 seems like a long sufferring year! Thank God it's gone now! And hello 2010! And lots and lots of good things gonna happen this year! You know how I know it? Because I'm gonna make it so! Made a resolution toast with the guys that this year we shall change for the better and see it for ourselves by the end of the year. It's a challenge I'm most willing to take! I've already started with one of them, I've just joined a gym just right next to my apartment called BodyXpress. The place is not so big, but it's good enough cuz the place have good equipments, a different kind of exercise called cross fitness which looks kinda interesting, marine training, martial arts training, ball throwing (something different) weights, machines that work out different parts of ur body and a few classes. They also have a break area where I can get free fruits and supplements, water and other things as well. The deal is good too, so I just joined cuz it's also very convenient for me. So if u want to find out more about BodyXpress, let me know ya? hehe.

I've been given as the lead Animator in my workplace, so is a promotion, but it also means more work, but I get to lead a few animators as well...which is cool for me. I believe that we will be able to finish the game by this year without any problems cuz now we have a proper pipeline now. So I'm gonna do all my best for this year. Happy 2010 to you all! Cheerz!


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Cheeky Monkey said...

Congratulations bro on your promotion! You didn't mention that to me when I was back!

Anyway, good for you on your new year's resolution! Mine is to make some positive changes in my life. :)