Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kindred Hobby Tournament Malaysia

On Saturday March 6 2010, Me and my colleagues and a friend of a colleague and also another friend drive to the Legio Malaysia to compete in the 5oop Warhammer 40 000 Kindred Hobby Tournament. For my army list, vist my other page ( ). So we arrive there in time before the check in closes.

We got ourselves a free t-shirt, sandwich for snack and a bottle of water. Oh, and we also got counters for the game for free! We check out the models that are there. Legio Malaysia is a place where all kinds of boardgaming terrains, miniatures and tables are made .

This terrain on table 02 is pretty sweet, love the arrangement to make it look like a post apocalyptic battleground.

Here is the building which acts like a tower in a middle of a clear plain terrain, looks cool aint it?

Here are the Awards that's given. There's 4 types of awards....Tournament Champion, Best General, Best Sportsmanship and People's Choice award. Tournament Champion pretty much sums it up what it means, Best General I'm not too clear what it means, but I think it's the 1st runner up or something, Best Sportsmanship displays good teamplay and etc and the People's Choice award is for the best looking miniature in the tournament.

I find this eldar army pretty awesome because of the clear details and color schemes.

The admins announcing the rules and rounds.

Round 1 me and my teammate fought againts a pair of Tyranids...and this guys are pretty tough! One keep spawning termagaunts and Mawlock attack, and the other deepstrikes down witha lots of tyranid warriors and it hit right near our army. So round 1 we lost because we are weak againts melee attackers.

This is a Daemon Prince with a Tyranid head and tail, pretty cool looking. It's hiding from the orks.

Round 2 - We proceed to the next round and we faced againts Black Templars and an Ultramarine. Both space marines that are balanced firepower and melee. Manage to take out their heavy fire. Then a surprising thing happened, the Ultramarines drop pod landed behind us, good move! But they tried to take out our tanks though... so when that failed, we blast his troops and left only the drop pod. The the black templar termies teleported near the same area as well and contested for out the end, we ended up with a tie but we scoring 3 points more than them.

Round 3 - Round 3 we though it could be pretty quick because it's only 2 rhinos on the table with their troops on the table and Abaddon deep striking later. But damn, we can't take down those rhinos! Their tough! we manage to wrecked one of them but they were already near us. THen abaddon came in very early which we never expect them to. So we ended up not winning the last round too with almost total annihilation.

So all the players gather around for the reward ceremony. And thi is the funniest moment for me, read on to find out.

The admin announcing the winners for the awards

So obviously we weren't the champs and our army is not the best looking out there cuz there are definitely other better ones. I mean we are surrounded by veteran players compared to me. But here's a funny thing.
Me and my teammate got the Best Sportsmanship Award......
Wow.....they enjoyed killing us. Ahahaha, but we did have fun playing with them. We are the only ones who got all 3 ratings (highest) for all 3 rounds. Pretty unbelievable and first time winning an award for a tournament.the best tournament I have compared to Magic the Gathering tournament. Oh yeah, forgot to mentioned...we got another award as well. We got the Bloodiest Award...which is obvious cuz our army got killed alot. And according to the admins...we are the only team grabbing 2 awards in a tournament, but it's not our fault!

here's my awards, cool eh? ;D

Group photos with the rest of the winners and the Admins.
I do hope they have another tournament, cuz I'll definitely come for it and do better and grab more awards!! Wahahaah!


Cheeky Monkey said...

Where is this place? Looks like fun. ;D Guess what, I'm giving WoW a try again...

johnny tai said...

good for you! it's fun~ >D. THe place is somewhere in Shah Alam