Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1st week of August

Yo...sorry sorry, been awhile since I last posted something.

Well, alot of things happened since PC fair. Boy, I gotta tell ya...it was like a roller coaster ride and not knowing what's gonna come to ya, so thrilling~. Let's see now. Oh, I've forgot to mention that Yvonne has joined my company (not mine but Yvonne keeps saying that)and she's doing well...I hope. It'll be a month before I could see some hair pulling action from her.

On Wednesday I attended the Drink & Draw event in TGI Fridays. This event is official where artist from everywhere gather and meet up to Drink (and eat actually),draws ,chatting, sharing some ideas and stuff like that. So, it's the 2nd time...not bad. This gathering involves alot of ex-classmates of mine in college and a few guys from Yvonne's old work place which includes the very talented Milx. Had a great time , able to catch up with old classmates.So it's kind of a small group.I'll update on that later.

Hmmm... oh... my work assignment has changed from level design to 'fixing' character animation which basically fixing the main character's animation done by some other people. Kinda cool I guess, but alot more fixing needs to be done.

[Lesson tips]
Arguments are like advanced mathematical questions, it's hard to answer sometimes, most probably you can't solve it....can't find the solution.Sometimes the best way you gotta do is to just cut out that question , throw it to the trash can and move on to the next one... why so? Because it's pointless to crack your head up to try and solve it.Probability you'll get a correct answer is slim .So kids, if you get into an argument, just trash it... best way to move on... no point continuing when you've tried your best.Whatever happens after that is up to you guys. =)

Oh..btw, met up with Eddy Leow. Eddy Leow is my long time best friend since primary school. The only real person which I would consider as my great friend...whether through ups and downs...we still stand side by side last time and still remain as friends. Cheers dude, hope you're doing well in your work place...haha.

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