Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Knowing me....I like to clarify things on the spot, whether they like it or not.But, doesn't mean I'm the type who would leak out secrets, that would untie the bag...no, not me.

I'm like John Cena,if there's a real problem...then we'll settle it 'Right here Right Now'.

>>Now I'm gonna clarify things that's been bugging me for a long time<<

I'm honest in what I say, but ofcourse a white lie or a bluff doesn't hurt.

Basically, it's fine to get teased at sometimes, like a few times a day or maybe one or 2 days a week. But I don't enjoy being the main topic of a joke and get teased and laughed at, laughing at somethings which are untrue....oh yeah, it's fun...it's just a joke. hehe....but too much is too fucking annoying. I smile and pretend to laugh along, but pisses me off inside... alot.

I don't like people who ask stupid questions sometimes, like real 'stupid' questions.

I don't like people who thinks they can drive and fly their car so well and they don't consider the safety of the passengers. No matter how tough or fast the car may be.....SHIT HAPPENS in accidents.

I dislike slowpokes sometime who are just ridiculously slow or for the sake of stalling the time..

I don't like very egoistic people, annoys me sometimes..

I don't like stupid interruptions when I'm in the middle of something....it's annoying.

I don't enjoy threats or intimidation...fucking hell pisses me off .

I'm not interested on knowing the bad side of a person or how bad they can be, I don't give a crap about it. If they tell that to me, it's an intimidation to me and I dislike it very much...

If I'm a friend...I'm a friend, I bloody hell don't CHEAT on the friendship and me coming back as a friend based on a motive is NEVER my style of making friends. THis seriously pisses me off.

I don't like people loosing their cool at me when they don't tell the reason, or expecting me to crack the message...I ain't a code breaker,I ain't perfect, I ain't you. Don't be a chicken to tell a straight reason, you don't have to tell it in front of others....you can just have to tell it straight to me.

I bloody hell do always judge myself 1st before judging others, ...but I don't always judge people all the time and I don't simply do it. I make sure of that.So don't say I never done so and don't say that I simply judge people.I do it if I have a reason.

I don't light the match to start the fire ... if I have done so, tell me...then I'll try to put it out.

and I ain't a hulk when I'm angry...If I did, I would have died of hypertension. Chillaxing is the way to go in everything.


If you do not know most of this, then you do not know me well at all... don't claim that you do. I get pissed at people who thinks they know me....even a friend or a 'close friend',

This is only a a few part of me... that I would let you know, to clarify things.I ain't a megazine which you can read it easily...I'm a thick hard cover book that a lot of things I don't reveal about myself.

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