Sunday, September 7, 2008

What happened on Merdeka Day!!!?? 0_0

Chill la, nothing bad happened at the parade...just that I didn't attend. But on that day, a few of us at church decided to have a trip down to PD to have.....yup, that's right.... a barbeque night! It's not crazy, it's just fun.... it's what older youth do.

So anyway, 14 ppl were on this trip including me... we weren't there in the morning. As how goodie goodie we are, we left after church around 4.30pm :) . My car and Mellissa's car, we parked at Samantha's place cuz we only need 3 big cars to go there.I was in Tim's... Mum's car. Brought along my PSP just incase but it seem that I was the only one with the PSP ( I thought Chris and Kevin would bring along too, pfft..) On the way to PD, we had a little snack... one of my favourite snack that I ate was fried pork intestine!! :D... it taste sooooo goood!!U guys should try it!!

Almost 6pm, we've reached our destination, a resort

Ahahaha....maybe the cows stole the 'O'.

Jim's dad bought one of the room here , so lucky for us! THis place looks nice...neat to say.They have all kinds of facility including the pool, tennis court, football sand court, a very small basketball court and rock climbing.

We unpacked our stuff and head up to the room. One strange thing we noticed that in the lift, the button no. 7 is always on... we all thought that the lift wanted us to go there or something. But we are not so adventurous or willing to spoil our, we just head to our 3rd floor =..= .

We started exploring the room, not too bad actually...2 rooms , 2 bathrooms and a hall connected to the kitchen, oh...and a balcony ofcourse.
We chage our clothes and headed down to the beach where the fun even begins.
Beautiful, isn't it? >)
Settling down on the beach and preparing the fire pit! >D

I was trying to enjoy myself by posing very very silly on the beach, but sometimes it's difficult when there's some people who just likes to be part of the silliness. >\

Leg unity! Sam with the only red toe nail >D.

We were playing so much and yet they're still not done >D.

Jonston had this idea from a friend that you can make sandballs, he thought us how and we gathered them together in a circle.....with a stick in the middle (I have no idea what the stick is for). But we didn't use them to throw at each other....if we did, the girls would loose....or maybe the guys would loose because of the number of girls that attended .

Oh, we started building our own stuff too!Jon was building a....wall. Sam built a heart with so perfect circle around it. Pearly imprinted her name. Mel....erm....cake? Box? Jim built a man which he killed him in the end and Kiat Yee.....hmm, forgot what she built adi, should be a sand castle i think.

I build my own giant name so that the plane could see..... but there's no point to that. >\
"The cops pulled me over for carrying these gunz!" A phrase from one of my T-Shirt >D

Ok, The night came and we realized that the fire pit we built at the beach is not bright enough to lit up the place. The Beach was so dark!SO, we decided to transfer up to where light can be shun! Tim drove the car nearer to on his car lights (pro man, dunno how he maneuver among the trees)

Once we've set up all....We started cooking!

We've cooked lots of BBQ chicken, sausages, hams, burgers and even...potatoes?
Brought alot of drinks and water to clean up.

Wahhh lahh!!


Timothy Wong, the Holy Chef.

Oh gosh...

Anyway, We ate and ate and ate until the time reached...10pm I think or was it 10.30pm. We packed up and clean the place and head back to our room. We bathed and chilled down, and had some leftover burgers for supper (Yeah...we ate alot actually, summore got snacks worr!!@_@)

Few guys played some card game while I watched a Reaper(TV series) in my PSP, played Crisis core for about 30 mins. Then someone brought a board game which had us playing till 4am!Heard of Pictionary? It's a sort of a fun game where u need 2-3 ppl for each group to play. One person needs to draw while the rest guess what is it that the person is drawing. It's somehow difficult for some cuz you have no idea how to tell that word in a drawing >.< . On that night....Kevin, Tim and Jon won the game and claimed themselves champions (Actually...Sam and Sarah won a few times but they didn't read the rules properly, ahahah) Woke up few hours later, we packed our things and head back to....PJ to makan for lunch. The place we ate have the most delicious BBQ chicken rice but it's also super fattening as well (gosh, u should see the fats's like big huge jelly of sweetness!)

Guess what? We head back to Sam's place where my car is at and played more of Pictionary ( Have we gone insane!? We didn't get enough sleep and we are willing to crack our heads more!)
But this time....Sam, Sarah and Pearly won the Pictionary game. Should have been twice but the 1st didn't count cuz they played a not very clear rules game >P. Now we have 2 pictionary group champs.

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