Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Saw

Sam is a typical lumber jack who's trying to earn a living by cutting down trees.

One day the supplier wants him to speed up the process because the amount of trees he has delivered is not good enough.So they ask Sam to cut down 3 trees a day.

Sam knew that the task was impossible, but he has to try.And he needs a new saw

So he went down to the town to upgrade his saw to a better one.The seller at the handy shop showed him and said that it's the latest and the best tool to cut down trees. So ofcourse, Sam bought it.Bigger than his one.

The next day he work on the trees with his new saw in the morning. But, at the end of the day....he was not able to cut down the 1st tree . So he thought that maybe tomorrow he'll get up early and try cut finish all 3 trees.

So he did that, he woke up around 5.30 in the morning and get started. He gave his best..he did all he could,but at the end of the day he still was not able to cut down another 1st tree.

In his mind he thought that this saw is giving him a hard time, and it looks really blunt.Not giving him much help in cutting.

So he took it back to the shop on the next day and he told the seller that he had a lot of difficulty cutting the 1st tree with the one he bought.

The seller was confused as to how that could happen, he asked Sam to handover the saw to inspect.

He turned on the master control lever.

Then came a loud motor rumbling noise.

Sam then ask the seller " What's that noise?" 0_0



I got this joke from Mike Constantine who came to my church last Sunday and preach . He told about this part and I couldn't stop laughing! Although the early part I made it up abit because I forgot that part. But he is a good speaker, can come up with a good joke.

I'll be attending the 'No Compromise' event and the speaker is Mike Constantine! Can't wait to hear more jokes from him, but also ofcourse to listen to what he has to deliver from the word of god. Can't Wait! >D

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