Friday, September 12, 2008

3D Artwork no.1 : 3D Valley.

Ahaha...I guess, I've never posted my works at all. THis will be my 1st and I'll keep it up ofcourse. What I do in my studio is that I'm a 3d Artist capable of doing 3d Environment, character model & animation, some other small things and also help out in concepts. So, in a way...I don't have a fix position. Few months back I was working on 3d Environment for the levels ( can't show you the real one ofcourse, it's P&C) , then later I was in character animation for the main character and the side characters as well. Now currently working on the cutscenes. I do hope that I get back to Environment design cuz I miss doing it, so fun. >.<

The pic above is the sample of a 3d Modeled valley that I did today during my spare time. It's not part of my project, ahaha...just my own. The program I used is an open source 3D sculpting software which allows me to sculpt terrain easily compared to 3d Max. But ofcourse... the texture quality needs to be very very high ( talking about a texture which is about 4800x6800 mega pixels here). Here's the steps

Build up the mesh (3d polygon) by sculpting.

Refining the details...

Next we add in the colors and the texures. This is done by painting it on the mesh, that's why this software is an awesome tool for sculpting terrain.

Defining the textures and the mood.

Ahaha...lens flare is not by me, the program generates it.

Next we add the fog ..

Pretty much done here...just adding more colors to the bottom ground and checking the perspective.

Checking more details of the texture and we're becomes like the 1st pic above!

Now, this software my studio is not using... we did try it out but it's not suitable for our engine because the output of the mesh is just too heavy. But this is fun for portfolio purposes >D. I'll try post up more of my works.

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