Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why do I Cry?

I was just reminiscing about my past, evaluating my life... I just realize that I've been trying to attain something, that I can never have in my life.

Why do I cry? Because I will always accept the fact , despite that my parents still love me and some of my friends will still be there for me....I will always accept the fact that in my heart... I'm still lonely.

I cry because I can never attain real love.The only element to fill me. I tried to find it...but it struck me back twice causing me to bleed on the floor, in to a state of coma. Is that how love is? Being a nice & a good guy doesn't do good for me, doesn't work on them too...they care less about it.I'm sick and tired of people keep telling me that I'll be able to find someone 'one day', I've been hearing that crap for too long till it begins to annoy me.

Why do I cry? Because I've been hurt so many times....although I may hide it with a smile, but I can't hide the wounds.

Now it has left me in a state that I couldn't care less about how my life is gonna go, whatever God has for me or gonna throw some trash for me to deal with..... I'm just gonna have to pass.

I don't have time for it...

Because I'm just too busy crying about my crumpled paper life.


jadezheng said...

STOP CRYING! The world needs more joy. Think of Africa! ha ha ha... =/

johnny tai said...

Uhhh....of all places, why Africa? Ok, now I'm gonna hold then -_-