Thursday, September 25, 2008

Berbuka Puasa~!!!! >D

The title doesn't mean that I tengah puasa , my boss and few of my colleagues are. So on wednesday after work, my boss (managing director of the studio) brought us to this buffet (forgot wat's the name of the place adi) in Meridian Hotel( one of the twin hotel beside KL sentral). Why there? Because it's near at our work place (duh).... ANYWAY, there was alot of people heading up to the buffet and we couldn't take the lift. So we.. as semangat as always walk all the way up to the....ground floor ( the lift that we're at is P3) and it was a good warm up for our stomachs.When we reached there, I wouldn't say that the hotel looks great but it's errr......oklar~, it is my 2nd time there.

So back to the feast, BUKA ADI!!!

Most of the malays enjoying their food, alot of people leh... because this buffet got alot of variety.
So if any of you have not eaten, please.....just bare for awhile la >D (Cindy, if you're reading this post and see some delicious food that you love, please forgive me... atleast the pic is not as clear as yours! So oklarr, right?>D )

I like to call it, the Fountains of Sweet Pleasure ( sounds erotic, but that's how it feels when u eat the brownies, marshmellows and strawberries with all these chocolates!! >D)

Close your eyes if you've not eaten yet.

Cooking the spaghetti sause
CHEESE!!! Many kinds of cheese! I like the blue cheese especially ( Thanks to my good friend, Timothy Wong)
Chris and Yvonne enjoying their meal, and the rest of the studio gang behind. Oh, forgot to mention....our boss booked this private room for us, VIP~!. Atleast the room can fit 20+ ppl inside, get good services as well (I meant by taking the plates away, refill water, change forks & knives, change napkins...that's all). far right side being cropped off(sorry dude) is Jay who had about 3-4 rounds of minimum carbs and alot of greens and protein foods.
The 2 fellas waiting for their Ice Cream. Oh, Daniel is from South Korea and he eats alot compared to all of us. Haw is Malaysia jus FYI.
Ice cream toppings... wow.
Daniel out there again to get more food.
Ben and Yvonne folding napkins to....I dunno what it is that the've fold.
And that's Shern who came 2nd in the eating-as-much-as-u-can competition. And the malay guy behind there is my boss talking to my colleagues. This was 2 hours later .

let's see the results :

1st. Daniel - 5 rounds ...some each 2 plates, full amount ...ANd he is still freakin skinny!He's like
Christopher Yuen!
2nd. Shern- 5 rounds... 1 plate each with moderate amount, this guy also skinny....age 27 and still have high metabolism >\.

then the rest I dunno.
Ben took quite alot of cheese because he loves~ cheese. I can't take too much because later jelat.
Yvonne took alot of sweet stuff, she said she's gonna get sugar high...pfft.
Chris..erm, quite moderate amount I guess.
I myself had about 5 rounds also, but I took small portion each ( diet lehh~) . But for my opinion about the buffet there is :


ehemm....well, that's all then. Enjoy your meals, ya? >D

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