Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've Been Killing Zombies Lately, How Bout You?

ahahaha...minor mistake there, suppose to be 'ferociously', not fearlessly...blur adi me. >D

Hahaha...the game screenshot is a mod version, so it's not for real. But I kinda decided to make a short comic out of it. This game is by far good for an online co-op game. Who doesn't like shooting and blowing zombie's head off? It's fun! Yeah, so they used to be humans...but you can't reason with a zombie ,can you? This game you only play one of the 4 survivors to your choosing in a Campaign or a single player mode. In the versus mode, you get to play one of the special zombie characters (except for the witch) and it's fun playing with other players from other places/country. But you need to have Steam in order to play online with others, which means you have to get Original. U get offline you can only play the Single Player where the rest of the player will be controlled by bot , and you can LAN connect with others nearby but need to create a game through the console and connect to the host's IP .Too complicating? Buy the original!'s fun! >D

What!? A zombie ask me to shoot him! Is there a problem? 0_o
- Johnny_Raven to Dpshk(HK) -

Buy it, Play it... Enjoy It.

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my god.. gaming.. lol..

johnny tai said...'s fun, I'm in that life anyway =P. I'm sure for u music is also fun =)