Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Proper New Year resolution

Yes, I'm gonna be like some of my friends and make a list of my New YEar's resolution :

- I'm gonna get as many original games as possible
- Work harder to get many increement
- Draw more (gotta practice adi)
- Upgrade my PC and beat Shakeel's PC!
- Get adult clothing (mature looking)
- Loose alot of weight!I'm gonna beat Ben!
- Get more armies for my SPace Marine ( one special set againts Orks >D)
- Meet alot of new friends, girls ones.... yeah.
- Join back Ninjutsu?
- Find someone as a gf (must try la hor, it's been 8 years adi)
- Watch alot of Movies
- Save alot of money
- Spend more time with my family =)
- Pray my sister from US comes back home ( get kicked out would be better >D)
- Get a Wii? See la.... to many platform games adi.

Well..that would be all, boy that's long >D.

Enjoy your day!

1 comment: said...

great, you are original supporter. not much people actually support ori now a days