Saturday, January 12, 2008


Suppose to write about this on New Year's day , but I've been enjoying myself too much till I forgot about it. So here it is. 2008 ,another year on earth. Some say that 2008 will be the greatest year. A time for a change, a time for a new election, a time evolution , a time where one stands up for once. For me, I have a feeling that this year is gonna be the saddest year for me.

It seems like in this year, alot of people that I know of including my 2nd sister is leaving else where. My sister is moving to Los Angelas , US to stay (The bf better follow and stay with her after that) , my youth pastor is leaving my church end of this month to become a senior pastor in a small church ( but he is still stay at the same place), my studio manager who is my mentor is leaving to Singapore to stay with his gf end of february, Cindy is in New Zealand now for good, April will be finishing up her last year of diploma and then leaving elsewhere for degree and maybe staying there for good, Lionel going back to Aussie , Bard will be around for 5 more months before he goes back to Brunei for good and I think there's more to come later in this year.

Yes, indeed that 2008 will be a year of alot of changes , many sad moments to come , gaining something new experience and maybe many prayers will be answered. Someone is gonna rise from it's empty shell, I'm gonna go all out for this year. I'm gonna change and I'm gonna be strong no matter what happens. I will achieve things and keeping in touch with God Almighty.I will move on and I'm gonna pull it through for this Year. Cheers to you,2008!

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