Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Got Tagged!.....again

Tagged byJasmin Lim

1. Chew Pei Gee
2. Melissa Tiang
3. April Lim
4. Paige Eleanor Shem
5. Jasmin Lim
6. Regine Tan
7. Rainbow Ng
8. Diana(Neko)
9. Michelle Lim
10. Jessie MCc
(This are randomly place, not arrange)

Now time for the questions!(This are answered with honesty, straight from my heart)

1) How long have you known number 4(Paige Eleanor Shem)?
Ermm....I've known her for the last 2 years++ of my college life at the One Academy . A realy hot,beautiful, creative,smart and talented friend .

2) Is number 1 your best friend(Pei Gee)?
I wish, we are just friends....a very long disctance kind of friendship. We've known each other during high school time in a Tuitorial centre called Tuitorial Lee.Met her during form 3.

3) Do you have a crush on number 6(Regine Tan)?
Once actually, during high school.... I did confess it to her during college time, but then it didn't go so well in the end. But now we're seeing each other again as good friends as we usual were.

4) Would you date number 7(Rainbow Ng)?
Well...why not. I don't mind , but ofcourse if she is free. She's always very hardworking trying to complete her college assignments.

5) How bout number 5(Jasmin Lim)?
Well....I did remember promising her a free dinner once she comes back. (Only dinner, belanja only)

6) If you could pick one nickname for number 8 what would it be and why(Diana/Neko)?
Ermm...I dunno, I've not seen her ever since our 2nd break up in 2001.I guess I would still call her Diana.

7) Name one inside joke you have with number 10/if you don't have any for some reason, name a memory you have with number 10 (Jessie MCc)?
Hmmm....can't remember any of the jokes .(Oh, we're msn buddies by the way. She's from Australia.She calls me dear and I call her babe) .Well, best conversation memory I had with her is about the hot stuff topic and the pics of her. That was during form 5 by the way. Now is art stuff.

8) Have you ever been on a trip with number 4(Paige Eleanor Shem)?
Nop, there is a college field trip....but I was never interested in going.

9) Have you ever had a sleepover with number 5?
Nop, I can't...she's in Aussie. Even if she is here.....Whooohh, too fast....too fast, we're only friends.

10) Do you think number 9 is hot or not(Mi-chelle Lim)?
Kalau tak cakap pun still kena by her sakainess. Yes yes, she is hot....boss saya is very hot among the Sakai group (cuz the only girl mar).

11) Have you ever met number 3's parents(April Lim)?
Well...I've met her mom before during my SPM results. I know her elder brother.

12) Have you ever hugged number 8(Diana Neko)?
Only once....I think, we actually didn't last very long together. But I do love her at that time.

13) Do you miss number 7 right now(Rainbow Ng)?
Ehemm...ehemmm. Well, I did miss her abit during the New Year's eve celebration. She was busy at home finishing up her work.

14) If you could say any one thing to number 9 without any consequences, what would it be(Mi-chelle Lim)?
Wahh...such awesome power I've received. Now I can say whatever to my boss!! >D ...... " I want a Java Frappucino from Starbucks and get super hyper again!!"

15) Would you ever makeout with number 6(Regine Tan)?
Err....say what!? It would be weird (again) if I were to do that. Besides, she is seeing someone else, and that guy is famous for punching anyone seeing too cozy with her.Well, she said he has change....(hopefully)

16) How about number 10(Jessie MCc)?
Hmmm....interesting, not such a bad idea. She's hot....wait, let me correct that. She's super hot. I guess I can just collect some money , fly over to Australia(can't remember which part does she stay ) and give it a try. >)

17) Do you have any pictures of number 1 (Pei Gee)?
I'm afraid not, didn't get the chance to take a picture with her.

18) Do you have a crush on anyone on this list?
Honestly...a few of them. Chew Pei Gee , Paige Eleanor Shem, Regine Tan and Diana. Diana was my 2nd crush. my 1st crush is not in the list.

19) Do you miss anyone on this list?
Yes...I miss Pei Gee very much, she's currently in UK for her studies.I wish her all the best.

20) Have you ever hugged anyone on this list?
Yup, Regine tan and Mi-Chelle Lim.

It's time to tag...

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