Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Greatest Gift from God.

I was born in this world for a reason, to be part of it. To be part of what God's creation is like, to I myself am part of that creation. I can't deny his work for what it is. He too told me that this place has alot of temptation, alot of danger, alot of risk, alot of difficulties ....all the barriers that I'll face in my walk to return to him. I did ask him why I was sent here..... it was such a simple word he gave me and also the message was the greatest command I ever receive and obeying right now.

And that word is..... Life.

How I live it was up to me, that's part of the reason why mankind was given the ability to choose and make their own decision. It's true that this world alot of difficulties and tons of evil corruptions are going on. But I can't just close my eyes and pass by all those things. Knowing them is part of what life is supposed to be. Knowing the good, and knowing the bad helps in building one's life in terms of maturity, perspective and knowledge. Books or lecture isn't enough for that, you have to experience it and know what it is. And then comes the decision to take it as part of the lesson in life. This is the daily test he set for us, to see whether we can adapt to this place.

I admit that in the past I was walking blindly without knowing what my path is, until he saved me and made it straighter. And again he told me that same word, that's what is important because it's the greatest gift that anyone here can have in their lives.A birthday gift he has already given when you've set your foot on this world.

How you live is totally up to you, don't let anyone tell you how to live.They can help you in walking better but don't let them pull you to their side. Make your stand firm and as strong as a mighty tower that cannot be shaken. Choices and decisions are all up to you, do not let any other people take it from you and make it up for you. It's your life that God entrusted you with, and he wants to see how you've progress at the end of the road. And do not deny the reality of this world because it is how he has created it to be. Denying the world means that you're denying his great work through men, they are created for a reason.... it is for us and it is the only place we could live in before we proceed on to his place.

Live your life in this world, it's your own road you're walking on.


sarah said...

when one thinks he knows it all and is too confident in his is then obvious how little he noes....

johnny tai said...

Oh, ofcourse I know little about all the knowledge in the world. I'm not an oracle. What makes you think I know everything? I'm writing based on what I know, doesn't mean most of it are 100% proven to be true. So spare your words. God bless.