Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Hey Everyone, Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy alot on your eve and christmas day with friends and family and get alot of good presents! If you don't like the presents, well it's the thought that counts. On eve I spent my night at TImothy's house because they were having a Christmas eve party. So they invited friends and relatives. I got for Tim's parents a very small christmas tree, looks nice wan leh! Anyway, we did caroling, ate the food (the lamb as always taste soooo good!), had alot of chit chats with my friends and sarah's friends and we end up telling Ghost stories on christmas Eve! >D 2 person scared of driving back but they still went back driving close to each other, funny! So the time hits on midnight and it was Christmas! We gave presents and we pulak go upstairs and watch alot of youtuve nonsense video. I recommend you guys to go youtube and check out 'How to be a Ninja', there are several other different versions made by them so check it out!

On Christmas Day I attended church, sing caroling and give gifts! I got sweets, glowing cross key chain, the joint Youth camp photo frame, and some christmas cards. Couldn't mingle for too long cuz I needed to sent another present to my dear little friend , Jasmin Lim. So I drove there and gave it to her, I made it in time! Cuz she had to go to KLCC with someone so can't be too late. Phew >D. Then later at night I went to my sister's apartment for Christmas, I had to smuggle my dog in to that apartment....not an easy task when there's security people everywhere! Anyway, the dinner was good (left over is for my lunch later >D) and I got good gifts! Oh while I was there, I watch one of my sister's dvd and he is one of my favourite actor...Ryan Reynolds. This movie called 'The Nines' is a must watch movie! It's good, it's so good! It really is a brain-melting dazzling mystery. The writer, the Director and a good performance by Ryan Reynolds did a damn good job in this movie. Go buy and watch it!

And since it's still the christmas season, I embeded a video file of Karen Kong singing Silent night. She's really good , dunno why Malaysian idol kicked her out... they have no idea what they've done. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone and a


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