Friday, April 10, 2009

Fading from Reality

What happens when you're disconnected from the rest? Will you become lost or will you probably believe in yourself to be able to survive all alone? Will anyone remember you? Will anyone even notice at all? Will they ask others about you? Will they find you?

But what's on your mind? Would you care?Would you bother calling them ? Would you reply their message?

But the 1st question you should actually ask yourself is that what's the reason for you to leave the herd? To leave what you've already made a reputation of yourself. Was it because you are not receiving and you've only been giving? Is it because they took your kindness and sympathy for granted? Or you feel unapreciated at all? Or maybe you think that you're wasting your time with them?

This is the feeling of phasing out from the real world, from the land that God has created for you that somehow it's too much for you to handle. You keep asking yourself whether "is this for real?", No matter how many times you close and open your eyes again..the truth remains the same.

I do not want to fade, I want to stay and be able to play games together , chill out at a bar in a bunch or maybe play pool while the girls cheer. But trying to have a unique life is difficult when you're not being noticed by many and even need to ask for your name again. I want to be normal, but what can I do when the world doesn't see me?' u might have this in your thoughts. Yes, you don't need people to tell you that Jesus loves you and he is always there for u.... because you feel it's good to have someone currently beside you to remember you and keep calling your name. Someone you could share your life with.... someone you could share your feelings. Now that's reality.....something that you should fight for.

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Jen ® said...

i'm surviving alone though :(
my friends all abandoned me when they found their other halves :(